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1Up Sports Adult Circuit1Up sports is a facility that is primarily dedicated to athletes ranging from middle school to college, who are looking to improve their overall performance.  Obviously, I do not fall under that category anymore, which is why I attended their Adult Group Fitness class.  Along with adult group classes they offer personal training and small group classes of 2 or 3.

The facility itself is all indoors and includes a 25 yard indoor turf!  Which is great for those hot summer days to be able to still get in a great conditioning workout.

1Up Sports

If you end up going to the 6am workout, like I did, expect that the trainer will be a little late, or may not show up.  But the people who came for his class, didn’t seem to mind.  It’s a small group and they all have his number. So when you sign up, you might want to ask for his number so you can text him if you need to.

We began with a warmup that consisted of jogs, lunges, and stretches across the turf.

The workout was set up into circuits (of course), and for the 1st round, we did things that included suicides at the 5 yard lines, burpees, squats on the bosu ball, wall tosses with a medicine ball, and abs.

During the 2nd round, we used hand weights to perform conditioning training and sprinting drills though ladders.

With the 3rd round, we again used hand weights and TRX bands to perform an arm circuit and finished with some stair sprints.

The workout overall was pretty good!

1Up Sports Austin

1Up Sports – http://www.1upsport.com
Location: 2000 Windy Terrace #10, Cedar Park, TX 78613Cost: $25-$85 an hour/session depending on age and group size; monthly memberships available; ClassPass Accepted!

About: They employ cutting edge, scientifically proven techniques and training methodology. 1 UP Sports Performance helps athletes of all ages, skill levels in a range of sports to take their game to the next level.

Tip: The coaches push athletes to get the most out of themselves with every workout to a get to a higher level physically and mentally.

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