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ketogenic diet

4 Tips to Starting a Ketogenic Diet and Why I Quit

Hello, friends! You’re probably thinking… why is this chick giving me tips on starting something if she didn’t even stick with it? Keep reading and I promise it’ll all make sense. If you’ve followed me on Instagram the past few…

My Favorite Dairy Free and Keto Friendly Recipes

Today I’m rounding up a few of my favorite Diary Free and Keto Friendly recipes! It’s been a learning experience to say the least over the past few weeks on this Ketogenic Diet, but that’s actually what I love…

what supplements to take

Supplements You Should Be Taking

Hey there and welcome back! In Part 1, I broke down the Top 8 Vitamins You Should Be Taking and where the heck they come from naturally in our diets so today is all about supplements! Like I mentioned…

Best Vitamins for Women

The Vitamin Blog Post: 8 Vitamins You Should be Taking

Hey y’all! So today I’m getting a little nutrition nerdy on you and decided to do a vitamin breakdown. Yes, it’s the vitamin blog post and on it are 8 vitamins you should be taking… IMO. If you’re ready…

15 Minute Workout

15 Minute Total Body Ladder Workout

For those days that you really don’t feel like being in the gym OR you’re crunched for time, you’re welcome. Every so often I’ll bring back the “Total Body Ladder Workout” to my routine. It’s easy to follow, quick…

Fitness Isn’t Cookie Cutter

The other day, I received some feedback on my IG Stories on why I was doing “double workouts” for the week. Some comments were funny and light-hearted (because yes, it sounds crazy) but a few stopped and made me…

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