Who says you need weights to get in a great workout? There are plenty of moves you can do, using just your bodyweight to whip your booty into shape! Bodyweight workouts are actually some of my favorites because you can do them ANYWHERE which makes me 10X more likely to actually complete. Especially when traveling.

These specific moves focus entirely on your lower body aka the booty and legs! When you work your biggest muscle groups, you’re able to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Yep, so you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Which is awesome when you don’t have hours to spend in the gym.

Here’s 6 of my favorite bodyweight moves you can do anywhere for a great workout:

  1. Bodyweight Squat

    Start with your feet shoulder width apart, toes facing parallel to one another, and sit until your quads become parallel to the ground keeping your weight in your heels

  2. Curtsey Lunge

    Start in a standing position, bring one foot behind you at a 45 degree angle keeping your hips facing forward and drop your back knee down. Your knee should be right at your standing foots heel. Standing up and switching sides.

  3. Sumo Squat

    With your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, face your toes outward in about a 45 degree angle. Sit low until your quads become parallel to the ground and focus on keeping your chest upright and knees pointing the same direction as your toes.

  4. Single Leg Deadlift

    Placing one foot on the ground, kick your opposite heel back behind you. Straightening that leg as much as possible by squeezing your glute. With a slight bend in your knee, hinge at your hips until you tilt forward and your chest is parallel to the ground. Holding a flat back position and allowing your gaze to follow your body will help keep any tension out of your lower back!

  5. Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive

    Drop into a reverse lunge with both legs in a 90 degree angle. Drive through your front foot to bring your back leg up into a 90 degree angle where your knee is now in line with your hip in a tall runners posture.

  6. Lateral Lunge

    Start with your legs wide and toes facing straight forward. Bend one knee while keeping the other leg straight. The side you’re bending towards, imagine sitting back in a chair and at the bottom of the move, your ankle, knee and hip should all be in line. Push off bent leg to bring you back through center and repeat on the other side.

I recommend doing 20 Reps of each exercise for 4-5 rounds! You can also make the workout more challenging by adding in Plyometrics. If you’re interested in Personal Training (in person or online coaching) feel free to email me and I’d love to hear about your goals!

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Photography by Shelly Borga