Todd Pilates StudioLet’s take a gander into the Todd Pilates studio.  With locations in both North and South Austin as well as classes 7 days a week, they make it easy for you to get a workout into your busy schedule!  Todd Pilates offers more than just Pilates classes. They also have Barre, Yoga, private sessions and even Home Pilates Videos!

The Pilates class doesn’t use a traditional Pilates machine and is actually done on the floor!  I have taken a few floor Pilates classes in the past (at different studios) and I remember leaving a little disappointed after each class.  The previous classes I attended didn’t really make me sore or challenge me the way I want to be challenged when going to any class!  But I can tell you that Todd’s was a total 180 from those experiences.  They really utilize the props provided by the studio which enhance each move.

Todd Pilates Austin

In this class we used small hand weights, a Pilates ring and resistance band.  With every exercise you are able to increase or decrease the intensity depending on your fitness level or how hard you want to challenge yourself.  Now, you may think “Oh a floor Pilates class, how hard could that be?” But seriously you guys, it was really tough!  We hit all the major muscle groups like abs, thighs, arms and back.  We hit  some minor ones too,  like the muscles surrounding the core, hips, and butt.  My abs and thighs were screaming at me after a while and I loved it.  When you start to shake uncontrollably that’s when change happens!  The hardest part for me personally, was the Pilates ring.  You place it between your thighs and squeeze the absolute crap out of it while in a hip bridge.  We then went on to lower and lift our hips while also performing chest presses with hand weights and yes still squeezing the ring, so the entire time your inner thighs were working!  I just loved this part because the inner thighs are a muscle not a lot of people work on or don’t know how to work on  and this ring is killer.  It helps to tone the inner thighs and helps your legs look longer!

Todd Pilates North Austin

The provide all the props, all the mats, and all the fun you need to get you going on whatever class you decide to try out!  Their classes are upbeat and fast paced but not overwhelming to the point where you would ever feel stressed or behind.  Plus, the instructors are all so kind and helpful and they LOVE new clients!  The staff is there to help you and are just happy to be there which is sometimes hard to find.

Todd Pilates is a fantastic studio that offers challenging and fun classes for everyone!  Since you can modify nearly every exercise, you are able to push yourself and make your weaknesses your strengths.  I left feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day and I know you would too!  So what are you waiting for?  Go try out one of their Pilates classes for yourself!

Todd Pilates –

South: 4032 S Lamar Blvd #700, Austin, TX 78704
North: 9029 Research Blvd Suite 200, Austin, TX 78758

Cost: First class $10; 5, 10, 20, 40 & unlimited class passes available (price list here); ClassPass and StudioHop Accepted!

About: Certified Pilates instructor’s offers fun, mixed level classes that are set to music.  You get a  high energy total body cardio workout!

Tip:  Feel different after 10 sessions, see the difference after 20 sessions, entirely new body after 30 sessions. They provide any needed equipment like mats, rings, balls and bands all for free!  I suggest bringing a water bottle and a sweat towel to the class.