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Hello! I am Sydney Torabi. I was born and raised in Austin, TX — and began loving fitness at a young age. It pretty much began when I started swimming for the neighborhood summer league swim team and was getting beat by the other kids. I asked my mom for advice on how to get better at the sport and ultimately leave my rivals in the dust, and she suggested year-around swimming. Fast forward about 10 years and I found myself on the women’s swim team at The University of Texas at Austin, where I swam my Freshman year and graduated with a Nutrition in Business Degree. While in college, I started a fitness blog spinsyddy, and am now a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.

When my swimming chapter came to a close, I realized I seriously had no clue how to workout outside of a pool or even on my own for that matter. Thank goodness “googling” was a thing because it streamlined (pun intended) workouts to help me narrow down the things I enjoyed and gave me the ability to try something new! Realizing how much there was, how fit-focused Austin was, and how little people knew about it all (myself included), I decided to start writing about it. spinsyddy started out as a hobby that soon lead to a passion. Working out wasn’t something I did for anything or anyone else but myself and it made me feel empowered!

Spinsyddy is a blog to guide, challenge, and inspire people to want to live a healthy lifesyle. Working out and eating healthy isn’t something that should ever feel like a burden. It’s a lifestyle choice that leads you to your best self <3

So here’s my take on living the fit life and taking y’all along for the ride!

Q & A

Austin, TX

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?
I can rap all the lyrics to A Milli by Lil Wayne

What is your all-time favorite workout?
Anything that brings out my inner athlete. Nothing like a good ol’ sweat sesh that makes you want to PTFO.

Coffee or Tea?

Celebrity Crush?
Jimmy Fallon

Where does your last name, Torabi, come from?
My dad is full blood Iranian!

What do you do when you’re not teaching, blogging, or working out?
Well, I actually run a brand called RESTART CBD with my sisters here in Austin! I definitley keep myself busy and absolutley love it. I’d 100% rather be busy than bored.

Why Swimming?
I loved the fact that even though you were on a team, at the end of the day, you are racing as an individual. All that training you put in, like waking up before the sun, practicing both in and out of the pool, they were all things you went through as a team but when it was race time, it was jus you against the clock.

They say swimming is one of the hardest sports, what made you stick with it for so long?
To be honest, I never played any other sport growing up. Reason being was that there simply wasn’t time. As a swimmer you dedicate 20+ hours a week, 300+ days a year to training (on top of school and a social life) both in and out of a pool to hopefully make a personal best time at your 1 big meet of the season. I stuck with it because even though I didn’t always achieve my personal best at the end of each season, when I did, there was no greater feeling in the world. Still to this day I look back on how I felt going my best times and qualifying for national meets and have yet to find something that tops those moments. It’s a sport that is so humbling and so difficult all at the same time, that I wouldn’t have traded in those early mornings or long hours in the pool for anything else.

Why did you decide to start instructing?
Honestly, it just kind of happened. I didn’t think I would EVER be a fitness instructor and then realized a lot of people don’t exactly know how to workout properly (aka myself about 4 years ago), and I love helping people! Although I don’t currently teach group fitness anymore, I still am able to coach people through IG Lives, 1:1 coaching clients, and my monthly community workouts!

What do you enjoy most about living in Austin?
Probably the most difficult question because there are so many things I love about this city! My all-time favorite thing though, especially growing up here, is that there is still that small city vibe to this “big city” dream. There has been such an influx of people over the past 10 years, but one thing that has yet to change is the culture. We are still such a friendly city that always has something going on and being in the fitness world you pretty much know everyone!

About Sydney Torabi, Personal Trainer and Fitness Blogger

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