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For those days that you really don’t feel like being in the gym OR you’re crunched for time, you’re welcome. Every so often I’ll bring back the “Total Body Ladder Workout” to my routine. It’s easy to follow, quick to complete, and I can change-up the moves however I’m feeling that day which makes me that much more inclined to go to the gym!

This particular workout uses 2 pieces of equipment but they’re totally optionalĀ if that equipment is unavailable to you (ps. I’ve given you some alternatives below)! The best part about all of this is that one set takes roughly 15 minutes to complete. 15 MINUTES Y’ALL! By the end of it I was dripping in sweat and felt so much more refreshed.

Have y’all ever completed a ladder workout? If so, what are some of your favorite moves for those higher rep counts? DM me on Instagram or message me! I love hearing about y’alls experiences and what you want to see more of on my site and YouTube!

Total Body Ladder Workout:
Equipment (optional): 1 dumbbell, 1 medicine ball

100 jumping jacks

90 Body Weight Squats (option to add weight)

80 Sumo Squat Jacks

70 Single Legged V-Ups

60 Mountain Climbers

50 Split Lunge Jumps

40 Single Arm Snatches (burpees without push-up)

30 Alt Arm Elevated Push-ups (ditch the medicine ball and go through regular push-ups!)

20 High to Low Plank Walks

10 180 Degree Squat Jumps

Complete 1-3X with 60-90 seconds of rest between rounds
*Listen to your body and take breaks on a need be basis between moves!

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