In this 30 day Walk it Off Challenge, your goal is to get moving! The stakes are low, and walking is one of the simplest things we could add to our lifestyles to make us that much healthier. With our jobs making us more sedentary (hello, work from home and corporate tech people), it’s important to stay moving and create healthy habits.

By simply walking, you can shed weight, keep your joints healthy, and clear your head to show up for yourself and others! After all, moving our bodies produces natural endorphins that just put us in a better mood.

Start on ANY day of the week, and all you need to do is stick to it! If you miss a day, that’s okay. Bounce back and pick up where you left off the following day.

Click the image below and save it to your phone or tablet for a digital copy!

If you prefer a hard copy, print out the image below and place it somewhere like your desk or fridge to remind you what the daily task is.

You can either check off the days as you complete them or take it a step further and record the number of steps you took for each day!

Simple, effective, and oh so rewarding!

As always, you can show your support by sharing your updates on social media! Make sure to tag me @spinsyddy on Instagram so I can see your progress and cheer you on.

30 day fitness challenge