What: 3D Loco Core focused class w/ emphasis on range of motion

Where: Train 4 The Game – 3201 Bee Cave Rd #121, Austin, TX 78746

Wear: Any workout clothes you’re comfortable in

Booked Through: ClassPass

Train 4 The Game Austin

What does 3D Loco Core mean?  Well, “3D Loco” has to do with the range of motion and different angles you hit while performing an exercise.  It is incorporated into most of Train for the Game’s classes because they help get your body used to moving in a certain way to prevent injury and increase your range of motion.  The “Core,” for obvious reasons, stands for Core! Each exercise in the class is dedicated to working your ab and core muscles.

3D Loco Core T4TG

Something that I’m always impressed with is how knowledgable the staff is at T4TG.  I mean, they work with top athletes as well as people of all different backgrounds so they have to be versatile and know how to adjust to everyone’s specific needs.  Being a Collegiate athlete and growing up with that kind of background has made me aware of my body and what you should and shouldn’t do to prevent injury.  A lot of people do not know proper technique so it’s extremely beneficial for someone to go to these classes/studios who offer that technical knowledge that you can take into any workout you do!

Train for the Game austin

The exercise I’m doing above is a perfect example of how T4TG incorporates movement with core work.  Core means more than just doing some crunches… It’s tightening your entire center to give you better posture, prevent injury and YES give you killer abs.

Train 4 The Game – http://train4thegame.com

Location: 3201 Bee Cave Rd #121, Austin, TX 78746

About: As professional coaches, T4TG’s goal is to transform from where you are and turn you into the person you want to be.

Tip: This place can be a little tricky to find, so leave a little earlier than anticipated to account for if you get lost. Also, don’t be afraid to call them and ask for specific directions once you’re in the area.

Cost: ClassPass Accepted; All sorts of different options to choose from for both adults and youth.  Visit the Membership page for more details! Click Here