Most of us know hummus for being a healthy chickpeas dip option at parties, but what ingredients go into a great hummus? Today, I’m focusing on one of the essentials, tahini! When you make homemade hummus, a few key ingredients go into it and one of those essential ingredients (besides chickpeas, duh) is tahini.

Tahini is pretty much a middle eastern version of almond butter, but rather made with ground sesame seeds. The consistency is a spreadable paste that tastes almost bitter. A little goes a long way when making homemade hummus and for myself, it became challenging keeping fresh tahini around and I’d often feel wasteful for having to throw it out… plus that sh*t is expensive y’all!

That brings me to the reason behind this post, I had to start getting creative with uses for tahini and found #inspo through Pinterest. Typical.

I dug through the good and the bad, tested recipes of my own, and came up with my top 5 uses for Tahini that aren’t hummus! You’re taste buds and wallet will thank me later.

PS. All these recipes (besides the deviled eggs at the bottom) are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, and Vegan! 

Fresh Green Tahini Sauce

This recipe uses fresh herbs and Mediterranean spices to kick up your dipping sauce an extra few notches. I like using it for veggie tray dips, salad dressings, or marinade chicken!



“Creamy” Spicy Tahini Sauce

Slightly thicker consistency and with a cayenne kick, this recipe is great for topping cooked steak, dip for fresh veggies, or spread on your favorite deli sandwich in place of mayo!



Lemon Tahini Dressing

This is the perfect dressing to make any basic side dish the talk of the party. I love to dress this on freshly steamed or roasted veggies like broccoli, carrots, or cauliflower!



Cucumber Salad with Fresh Tahini Dressing

My go-to snack during the day. It’s fresh, healthy, and completely satisfying to the taste buds. It’s even better after 24 hours in the fridge!



Cauliflower Deviled Eggs

OH-EM-GEE. I am probably one of the biggest fans of deviled eggs, but I usually steer clear because of the copious amounts of mayo restaurants use to make them so addicting. Finding a way to create the same taste and consistency of mayo was a challenge to say the least, but boy does this one come pretty close.

I make a homemade hummus but instead of chickpeas, I replace them with steamed (and patted dry) cauliflower. Then it’s ready to use for the deviled eggs!