Training for my first triathlon has been a whirlwind. I’ve honestly not kept to the strictest routine. Leading up to race day, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit anxious. But, what I admire about the sport is that there’s more than just being physically fit that goes into a race. It’s about using food as fuel and taping into the mental aspect of racing.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Lifetime Fitness leading up to the CapTex Triathlon. They’ve offered me support through coaching and mapping out what I need to do to feel ready. Things like transitions, what to eat during the race, how much water I should be drinking, how to change a flat tire (lol if you watched me suffer through 2 of them on my IG stories), honestly the list goes on.

Even though I grew up a competitive swimmer, I knew just about NOTHING when it came to training for the CapTex Triathlon. So, going along with the title of this post, I’m going to give you a few key takeaways that I was taught throughout and hopefully you find useful for your first Tri!

6 Tips You Should Know Before Your First Triathlon:

  1. Pick a race distance that will challenge you, but ultimately make you feel the most accomplished and successful.

  2. Find a friend, coach, or even Google, to help you make a list of all the gear you’ll need. This includes for training and obviously race day!

  3. Pick a date that gives you plenty of time to actually train for the race.

  4. Find a local training facility/coach.

  5. Enter with a buddy so you’re held accountable and makes it a fun experience!

  6. Nutrition is KEY! Along with your training program, make sure you’re asking questions about proper nutrition before, during, and after your race!

I really do hope these tips help you decipher what to look for in your first triathlon! For any new racer, I’d 100% recommend finding a group like Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Training in your town. That way you have guidance and support throughout the process!

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Huge Thank You to Lifetime, CapTex, and Bicycle World for supporting me through this process!