Austin Fit Crawl 2015 -hosted by Austin Fit Magazine.

AFM hosted its 2nd annual Austin Fit Crawl 2015 December 5th along the beautiful Trail of Lights display in Zilker Park!


Austin Fit Crawl


The Fitness studios that participated were Stronghorn Fitness, Onnit Academy, and Crush Fitness!  After all the sweaty fun, we were given a goodie bag along with the option of  2 free beers (for those of age).  There were also quite a few booths set up handing out free stuff!  I mean lets get real, who doesn’t like free things?


AFM Austin Fit Crawl
Austin Trail of Lights 2015


The Austin Fit Crawl started off at the big tree, with a short jog that lead us around Zilker, past Barton Springs Pool, and to the beginning of the Trail of Lights for our first stop of the night. Our first stop you ask?  Stronghorn Fitness, which is an outdoor boot camp that focuses on TABATA and HIIT training to get you sweating and get you on with your day!  They lead a 20 minute workout that got us sweaty and ready to hit up our second stop on the trail, Onnit Academy (spinsyddy review).


Austin Fit Crawl 2015
Patrick and Me!


Onnit Academy is a HUGE facility located in East Austin that makes you feel like an athlete the moment you step through the door.  Although they offer all types of workouts, that are based on the principle of building strength just as much as building mobility.  The workout was 20 minutes of exercises that helped to open our hips and keep us aligned to prevent injury.


Austin Fit Crawl Onnit Academy
with Onnit Academy


Our last stop on the trail was with Crush Fitness (Spinsyddy eview).  These guys didn’t mess around and had us moving the entire 20 minutes!  We did exercises like tuck jumps, squats, jumping jacks, and cross-body crunches.  By now, we were just a short distance away from the finish line and the head trainer had us sprint our little hearts out to cross it.



This was my first ever Austin Fit Crawl and I absolutely loved it!  The Austin Fit Magazine crew put on a great, fun event and the fitness companies that participated were some of my favorite Austin workouts!  If you haven’t tried Crush, Onnit Academy, or Stronghorn Fitness I would get on that gravy train real quick and schedule your next workout.


Austin Fit Crawl spinsyddy


It was AFM’s 2nd annual Fit Crawl and it was a huge success!  Tickets were sold out! We got in a fun workout, and some sweet swag to rep during these chilly winter months.  Be on the lookout and make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates on the latest events happening in Austin!

Hope to see you at the next event!  Fitness is fun with friends 🙂

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— Sydney Torabi

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“Spinsyddy reviews 2nd annual Austin Fit Crawl along the beautiful Trail of Lights in Zilker Park with Stronghorn Fitness, Onnit Academy, Crush Fitness.”

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