Austin Hike and Bike Trails

Today I want to talk to y’all about my favorite Austin hike and bike trails!

Austin Hike and Bike Trails Austin is vastly becoming one of the most fit cities in America.  And how could it not?  It is a beautiful city filled with all types of outdoor activities for people of all ages to explore every single day.  From running to biking to everything in between the options are endless.

I absolutely love being outdoors, especially in a city with so many places to explore.  Get up and get out there, Austin!

#1 Lady Bird Lake
An iconic trail filled with greenery and scenery from the city. It also offers a variety of trail lengths varying from 1 mile to 10 miles!  Click here for a map of the trail so you can route your next run/hike/bike/walk on one of our iconic Austin hike and bike trails.
Lady Bird Lake - spinsyddy
Lady Bird Lake

#2 Barton Creek Greenbelt
One of my favorite places to go on a hot summer day.  The trail is about 7.9 miles long and filled with a hilly terrain and a creek running along the whole way.  If you get hot or want to take a pit stop, they have areas all along the trail to jump in and cool off.  Click Here for a map of the greenbelt and its different routes.
#3 Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park
I had heard a lot about this trail but decided to try it out for myself for the first time a few weeks ago.  It is located on North Lamar and is about 17 miles long. The park includes a basketball court, volleyball court, swimming pool, picnic area with grills, and a trail for either hiking, running or biking.  Click Here for a pdf page of the whole park.
Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park Austin Texas
Walnut Creek Park

#4 Brushy Creek Trail
The park is located north, and is about 6.75 miles long. The trail consists of both concrete and crushed gravel and is a fun environment to take the whole family for a fun-filled day outdoors.  For a map of the trail click here.
#5 Bull Creek Park & Greenbelt
Filled with a picnic area, swimming holes, a 5.8 mile trail, and even a fishing pier, this is a great place to take your family on a hot day or just go out with some friends to cool off.  For more information and a map of the park click here.
bull creek state park - spinsyddy
Bull Creek

#6 Riverplace Nature Trail
What this trail may lack in length it makes up for with high elevation and scenery.  The 3-6 mile long trail (whether you take the loop or just go out and back) is located in Northwest Austin filled with hilly terrain, lush views, and even a few waterfalls! For more information on how to get to the trail click here.
#7 Abbotsburry Dr. in Twin Creeks
Although not a trail and only half a mile long, it is pretty much just a giant hill.  It is a great place to do sprint drills, climbing, or whatever you can think of to up your training or workout regimen.  You can park in the neighborhood just up the road and walk down to the bottom to get started.
Pedernales Falls state park Austin, TX
Pedernales Falls

#9 McKinney Falls State Park
: 3.5 miles long, this trail offers scenic routes with swimming and camping areas.  You can bring your furry friends along as well, but must keep them on a leash.  There is also an entry fee.  Click here for more info and maps.
mckinney falls trail Austin, TX
McKinney Falls

#10 Mary Moore Searight Park Trail
Covering almost 350 acres, this park offers picnic areas, disk golf, fishing piers, playgrounds, basketball courts, barbecue pits, trails, and so much more!  The trail itself is about 6 miles long, with a flat terrain and is easy to hike/run/bike depending on what you feel like doing. So go ahead and take a day to hang out and be active! More information here.

Austin has a variety of trails that are perfect for outdoor fun and fitness, and I can’t wait to see y’all out there! I would love to hear y’all’s feedback, so hashtag #SpinSyddy to show me where your favorite Austin Hike and Bike Trails are!

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