Where: The Barre Code Chicago, IL

What: Barre Code classic workout

Booked Through: ClassPass

Grunge Vibes. They have a few locations in Chicago, being it was the birthplace of it all, but specifically, their studio on Michigan Avenue was on the second floor of one of their historic buildings along the river. As soon as you exit the elevator to the studio, you’re immediately

Class Setup. Each student grabs their own equipment which is written on the outside of the room on their whiteboard. There is no assigned seating, pretty much you pop-a-squat wherever you feel comfortable and get to movin’ from there! It was super easy, and very put together.

The workout. Like most barre classes, the smaller more precise the movement, the better! That definitely holds true at The Barre Code, each movement was streamline and had my core working the entire 60 minutes. I’ve noticed with some barre classes, that the workout seems to be repetitive and it seems like we do the same exercises each class, but that is not the case with The Barre Code. A big handful of the moves were so unique and things that I’ve never done before in a class!

We went through exercises that were specific to each part of the body starting with our core and ending with an intense, arm shaking circuit.

Amenities. Every piece of equipment that you need is on hand in the studio, including mats. They also have an ADORABLE changing area with hair dryers and all the necessities to glam up before work or a night on the town.

Final Thoughts. The Barre Code Chicago. Two thumbs up! The workout was fabulous, their decor was on point, and it super refreshing to walk into a studio that wasn’t decked out in white (if ya know what I mean).

Check out their other locations, they even have one in Austin, TX. http://www.thebarrecode.com