Who? BEYOND Fitness Studios

Where? BEYOND500 Henderson, Dallas Texas

What? PHIT (Pilates High Intensity Training) that combines intervals on a self-propelled treadmill along with a Pilates chair.

What to bring? Hand Towel, Water Bottle

I visited Dallas, TX this past weekend and of course had to try out a few local workout spots that y’all suggested! On that list? BEYOND500 Henderson.

Unlike you’re regular old, run of the mill, treadmill. BEYOND uses self-propelled treadmill’s that is 30 percent more effective than the conventional model meaning more calorie burn! It was extremely different because you are the one powering the treadmill and I found that my stabilizer muscles that surround my core were so sore the following day!

When you pair high intensity running like what we did at BEYOND500 with strength and Pilates movements as the floor work, it gives you that high calorie burn while being gentler on your body. I recommend going to an isolated body part day (Upper Body, Lower Body, etc.) because it makes the class a perfect complement to one another.

They also have studios all over the Dallas area that offer different Pilates and cardio inspired workouts like PILATESremix, Reform & Run and Reform & Rebound (trampoline class!).

The recap.

Overall, I was obsessed with the class, got insanely sweaty (that’s when you know it’s a good one), and I’ll for sure be back when I visit Dallas next!

The tread portion of the workout was definitely more challenging than other classes I’ve taken similar with electric treadmills and felt that it was a great class for all fitness types.

How to sign up for class? You can sign up through their website OR find them on Studio Hop!


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