Where: BFree Yoga – 3110 Guadalupe St #120, Austin, TX 78705

What: Warmed Vinyasa

What to Wear: Tight pants/capris or shorts.  Fitted top or sports bra

What to Bring: Yoga mat, water bottle

Instructor: Janice Cotto

Extras: Free parking, Towel/Mat rental for $1, showers (stocked), cold essential oils hand towel at end of class (my fave!)

Booked through ClassPass

BFree Yoga Austin

BFree yoga is what I like to call a hidden gem… Although not one of the most well-known studios in Austin it is (in my opinion) one of the best!  The studio itself is adorable, full of eclectic items that fill the space with warmth and comfort.

The instructor started off class by asking us what we wanted to focus on.  It was a much different approach than any class I’ve gone to in the past because it made everything more personalized, which I absolutely loved!

BFree Yoga Austin Texas

Our instructor was very hands on and once we were in a pose, helped to deepen our stretches so that we would reap the full benefits and push past what gravity maybe couldn’t help on its own.  I love when an instructor goes around the room and helps you like that, not only does it show that they are paying attention to everyone in class, but it just makes for a better practice!

BFree Yoga spinsyddy

Towards the end of class came what I like to call the “fun part” aka inversions!  Although I’m not the best at headstands or handstands I like to practice them.  Especially with a professional yogi around to correct my posture and form.  And don’t feel frightened by an inversion, the class was filled with people who could hold a handstand on their own for minutes and those who chose to just lay in child’s pose.  I mean in the end it is YOUR practice, so my piece of advice would be to just stay focused on you and listen to your body.

For sure one of my new favorite places to practice yoga!  I can’t wait to try their other classes and instructors and of course bring my friends along to experience it with me!

BFree Yoga – http://bfreeaustin.com

Location: 2905 San Gabriel St #102, Austin, TX 78705

About: Yoga Studio located in Austin, TX that offers a variety of different yoga practices along with workshops and events going on every month!

Tip: They have showers stocked with shampoo/conditioner and body wash!  But I would bring your own flip-flops along with a towel in case you don’t want to rent one!

Cost: Drop in rate for general/student, military, 60+ years, teacher is $18/$14; Also offer class packages as well as unlimited monthly or annually options!  ClassPass Accepted!