what supplements to take

Hey there and welcome back! In Part 1, I broke down the Top 8 Vitamins You Should Be Taking and where the heck they come from naturally in our diets so today is all about supplements! Like I mentioned on Instagram (and since I’ve been on this Keto Diet), many of y’all have reached out about other supplements I take and suggest for pre/post-workout and in my everyday life. Hence Part 2 to my nutrition talk: Supplements You Should be Taking.

Below, I’ll break it down by group and shout out a few products that I now use or purchase myself if I we’re to see it on a shelf. That being said, nothing in this blog post is sponsored but I will link anything below I find through my Amazon account if you’re intrigued and want to try a product out for yourself!

Before diving into it, there’s a lot that goes into a supplement. As with my general rule of practice, what works for me, may not work for you. I found that through years of trial and error with just about everything from the fit life to eating clean, ultimately I need to practice what works best for my body and I highly encourage y’all to do the same! #listentoyourbody

Ok, here we go!


Normally, I don’t even take a pre-workout because I like to go off my bodies natural energy BUT sometimes you just need that little kick to help get you through a tough day.

During Your Workout:

To get the most out of your workout, make sure you’re taking either BCAA’s (no weird additives) or an Electrolyte supplement like the one I’ve listed below!


It’s all about fueling the body ASAP after you’ve put in the work. Try and get in a good meal 30 minutes at the most after your workout that includes protein and good carbs but to help fight fatigue and get to those muscles quick, I suggest taking these:


Probably my most asked question is “What type of protein do you use/recommend?” and I’ve narrowed it down to a few of my favorites that are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and low glycemic.


For probiotics, you want to first choose which way you’re willing to take them (liquid or pill form). If not refrigerated, certain probiotics can GO BAD and in turn you’re taking a pill of nothing. Check the labels for shelf life and if quality is ensured/bacteria is kept alive through a certain date! Also, making sure to choose a probiotic with at least 12 strains & 20-30 Billion CFU.

That just about wraps up my top rated items and thoughts on the supplements you should be taking! There are so many products out there so make sure to READ YOUR LABELS and if something sounds funny to you, it probably isn’t great to put in your body.

If you use something other than what I’ve listed and are in love with the product, let me know!