Let me start by explaining what Bowspring Yoga is and how it works. Pretty much, this form of practice focuses on 10 key areas of the body. All of these areas are linked and work together at the same time to evenly engage and tone muscles.

Sounds easy enough right? Not quite. Finding balance between each area of the body may sound like a walk in the park, but not only are you just becoming more mind/body aware, but you’re wanting to engage all these muscles all at the same time. Forget about leg day, everyday is Total Body day with Bowspring.

Bowspring Yoga Austin

Bowspring aligns the body in a position of readiness. Unlike what we’ve been told constantly about tucking our tailbone under and squeezing our shoulders together, Bowspring is a postural template that brings lightness, fluidity, and essentially more curves to the body.

Breath and Body Yoga is one of the ONLY studios in Austin that is able to practice Bowspring. The reason being, Bowspring is only about 4 years old! It was created by Desi Springer in 2012 and she was soon joined by John Friend to teach over 90 seminars in North & Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia.

bowspring spinsyddy

My thoughts. Going into the class, I read “spinal realignment” and thought that I was about to get a nice, easy, normal yoga class to help get rid of some of my soreness. I definitely should have done some research, but decided to take a chance since the Breath and Body Yoga Bowspring class was on my list To Do!

After asking the teacher what to expect, and getting a sort of straight forward answer, I was kind of scared and also excited. It had been a while since I felt this way going into a class and it really kept me on my toes (literally). I was going in for a stretch sesh and left with a sore back and glutes for 3 days… IT WAS AWESOME!

I wish that I had gone when I wasn’t so fatigued from the rest of my week, but ultimately I’m so glad I did it. Like I said, it was unlike any other yoga class I’ve done and pretty much went against any rules that we’ve been told in the past.

Bowspring is a class that no matter your age or skill level, you will benefit from it.

Find out more about The Bowspring system here and book your next class in Austin with Breath and Body Yoga to try Bowspring for yourself.