Spinsyddy offers on site personal training and group fitness to the top luxury apartments and corporate settings in Austin.

We offer solutions for apartment management companies and corporate fitness directors to develop the best strategy in making the most out of your fitness amenity and how to operate on site fitness classes.

Enjoy a variety of group classes for any age group and demographic.

Offer your residents and employees a complete range of health and fitness classes and services including:

Individual Fitness Assessments and Exercise Plans:

If clients want body fat, weight and measurements taken before starting an exercise regimen this is added into the hourly rate at no extra charge.

Group and Private Workout Classes
Sydney specializes in athletic training such as strength, endurance, and total body conditioning as well as indoor cycling.

Personal Training
Residents have the opportunity to train at a discount rate for contracting with our company. An information board is placed in the gym for the residents to see all the wellness opportunities available to them.

Wellness Seminars
The cares team usually aid us in proving a lunch and learn for residents. A licensed nutritionist will conduct class for an hour.

Nutrition Classes
At no extra charge to residents we offer a 6-week nutrition class for residents and guests to beat the battle of the bulge and lose 6-15 pounds safely.

We will run a program for your residents at your property fitness center. We will educate your residents on healthy eating, how to live a healthy lifestyle and get them on track to a healthy and fit lifestyle!  These unique programs will be tailored to your needs. Our rates are competitive rates for apartments communities.

Please contact me directly if you still need more information or would like a free consultation. Your residents have the opportunity to work together in a unique environment and bond through their success in fitness!

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