Where: Dang Kitchen on Burnet Rd.

What: Modern Asian Cuisine

Dang Kitchen Burnet Road

Dang Kitchen Austin, TX  Dang Kitchen Austin

When eating out, and trying to stay healthy, your instinct is to slap on some blinders and find the letters on the menu that read “SALAD”. Let me start by shedding some light on the matter:

  1. Salads are not always the healthiest option! I mean, it really depends on what your definition of “healthy” is. But overall, if it’s covered in bacon and the dressing is made out of bacon and it is all made of bacon… Wait what were we talking about? Really though, to make my point you don’t have to steer clear from the rest of the menu just because it doesn’t say that noble term “salad”.
  2. It starts by going to the right restaurant. I’m not saying every place you go to will have a healthier option, but if you narrow it down, you may find yourself in a place that fits everyone’s needs.

Dang Kitchen is a local restaurant that serves up new takes on some classic Asian dishes.

Top 3 Dishes

I was definitely wanting a second helping of every dish! Absolutely nothing on the menu I wasn’t a fan of and I’m excited to go back! Let me know what your favorite menu item of yours is on twitter @spinsyddy!

Dang Kitchen