That’s right y’all, it’s Week 3 of #FitBodyReboot and that means a lot of things.

  1. There’s only one more week left in the series!
  2. You’re now fit, fabulous, and on track to feeling and looking your best.
  3. After putting in the hard work, it’s time for some TLC *cue the song Waterfalls*

This whole experience has been more than just working out to look good in a bikini, it’s about taking care of your body so that you feel your absolute best!

Often in fitness, we forget about the recovery. This not only feels just so darn incredible on your body, but it’s really doing a lot of good for your overall health and well-being.

If you’re working out 5+ times a week and not once take a moment to stretch, you’re doing your body more harm than good. Our muscles can only handle so much before they become tight which turns into injuries and less motivation to workout the next day because of how icky your body feels.

How do I recover? Well I’ll go through a few of my absolute favorite ways to recover below… So keep reading!


Now I know many of you out there might take yoga as your regular workout, and I fully support that, but I ain’t taking about crazy weight lifting/heart pumping yoga. I mean full on restorative yoga. The type that has the least amount of chaturanga dandasana’s and greatest amount of poses that you relax into.

I recommend taking class at Wanderlust (Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, or Mindful Flow + Meditation)

Ice Bath & Recovery Boots

Hold up, an ice bath? Syd, you’ve gone mad! If that’s your first thought, you are highly mistaken my friend. This is actually one of my FAVORITE ways to recover! Being a former competitive swimmer, I’ve had my fair share of ice baths (pools included). There’s a reason athletes use these things after going through hours of brutal training, they work! Your joints love the cold and when submerged the blood rushes away from that area of the body. Once you leave, your legs (or wherever you were icing) are like, really really cold and want that blood back! So your heart pumps new FRESH blood to the area and in turn helps you recover quicker!

Recovery Boots might be a much more enjoyable experience and have a great effect on your tired muscles. When wearing them, people tend to look a lot like the Michelin Man. If you’ve never heard of these things, let me break it down for you. Remember the “olden days” when you got your blood pressure taken with that strap around your arm with the doctor pumping air into it? Yeah, so imagine that but in the form of thigh high boots (like the Rihanna X Jlo collection) that you sit in and a machine pumps air into them. The boots start to fill with pressure at your toes and continue to fill all the way to the top by your hips. Once fully compressed, all the air is released and the process is completed again and again, slowly, for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour! This allows you to get a little massage on those muscles and again pushes the old blood out of your legs up towards the heart so it can generate new, fresh blood to speed up the recovery process.

Where to get both of these treatments in Austin? None other than Athletic Outcomes, which I like to call, “Heaven on Earth.”

Sports Recovery & Chiropractor

Sometimes simple recovery methods like above just aren’t quite enough to get you feeling 100%. Things like lower back pain, shin splints, neck pain, etc. can only be taken care of by going to a Doctor. Not just any doctor or facility, my favorites are ones that mimic a D1 athletic department. They offer a wider variety of treatments besides just getting adjusted by a chiropractor. They also treat you like an athlete, which I appreciate because no matter what you’re training for: life, marathon, or fitness goal. We all deserve to feel like the badass’ we are in our lifetime.

Favorite facilities: Spinal Rehab and Sports Medicine, Athletic Outcomes.

Amongst all these killer options, asses what your body needs and what fits in your schedule. Sometimes all you need is a good stretch session in front of your TV while watching your favorite show.

None the less, you absolutely, 100%, very important that you TAKE THE TIME TO RECOVER! Your body is craving it and you’ll be surprised at how much of a difference it makes in your everyday lives. Plus it is a guarantee your workouts will be 10X more effective aka faster results aka SUMMER READY!

Make sure to check out the places I’ve listed above and huge thanks to them for letting me try their treatments and classes out for the post!

Next step is to apply what I’ve raved about and then head over to my friend Sakeenah’s blog, MyBrownSparklez, to see her favorite way to recover during #FitBodyReboot!

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