For most of us, when we go on vacation, we completely neglect health and fitness. Which is totally fine btw. But for myself, I feel my best after a good workout plus it gives me the opportunity to explore the fitness scene in other cities and feel like I’m a local and not a tourist.

On my latest trip to San Francisco, I worked out at some of the top rated local spots and want to give y’all a recap on how to make the most out of your fit trip to SF! Here are my top 7 to try if you’re in the area:

  1. Barry’s Bootcamp

    Barry’s is the perfect combination of cardio and strength. It’s 60 minutes of pure strength and sweat that will help you detox from the night before and set you up for success the rest of your trip! Check out my full review of Barry’s Bootcamp here!

  2. Studiomix

    If you’re looking for more of a one-stop-shop, Studiomix is the place to be! They are a local gym that offer group classes such as Pilates, Zumba, Boxing, Cycling, and Kettlebell. And those only tap the surface. The best part? Your first day is FREE!

  3. Core40

    If you’re a Pilates queen, you’re going to want to try Core40. With top of the line equipment and 4 different class types to choose from, you’re bound to fall in love. Something unlike most Lagree Fitness based studios is they offer a “Core40 Ramped” class that allows the machine to increase or decrease the incline for a more intense workout!

  4. House of Air

    You’re on vacation, free-spirited, and you’re wanting to continue that trend? Head to House of Air for a workout that doesn’t make you feel like you’re working out! They are an indoor trampoline park that allow you to just go have some fun, or you can schedule a group led workout! Check out the workout here!

  5. Yoga to the People

    A donation based yoga studio, Yoga to the People offers Power Vinyasa, Traditional Hot Yoga, and Hot Vinyasa. One of the top rated yoga studios in town, they focus on providing yoga to everyone and truly want you to feel welcomed and able to practice yoga no matter your financial or physical status.

  6. Hit Fit

    For more of a hard-hitting workout, take a class over at Hit Fit where they specialize in Boxing and TRX training workouts. One of my go-to total body workouts is boxing because it makes me feel strong and leaves my arms and abs sore for days! PS. First workout is FREE!

  7. San Francisco Crossfit

    San Francisco Crossfit was the very first Crossfit gym to open in San Francisco and the 21st worldwide! They know their stuff and if you like to lift weights and do so in a welcoming community, SF Crossfit is your gym!

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