It’s that time of year again, Austin City Limits (ACL) is a live music festival that started back in 2002 in Austin Texas. Over the past 15 years, ACL has upped their game in the food department by offering some healthy options to those wanting to keep crop top ready during these hot Texas days.

Below are a few of my top picks to stick to a healthy habit while enjoying your time at the fest. Not only that, but let’s get real. Three days is a hard enough as is to be jumping around on your feet in the sun, sticking to a healthier diet will give you the boost of energy you need to stay for the encore.

Moment of truth, here’s your guide to all the healthy food at ACL 2017!


Gluten Free & Vegan

East Side King

Try their Beet Home Fries, Brussel Sprout Salad or Fried Kimchi


Seriously, you can’t go wrong with anything here.


For a more exotic flavors, Kababeque offers Indian and Mediterranean Fusion dishes like the Salad Bowl, Falafel Patty, Hummus and Pita.

P. Terry’s

Beloved P. Terry’s will serve their burgers along side a veggie patty and to make it gluten-free, ask for a salad bun!



Torchy’s Tacos

Probably one of my personal favorite taco joints in Austin, they have vegetarian options on flour or corn tortillas to keep your options open and give you the perfect tex-mex bite.

Peli Peli

For a way to enjoy authentic Indian food while keeping it plant-based, try their Curried Spaghetti Squash, Vegetarian Plate, or Vegetarian Bobotie.


Sweet Treats


Frozen banana dipped in chocolate and dusted with toppings. Enough said.

Amy’s Ice Creams

Iconic to the Austin Ice Cream scene, Amy’s has fun flavors that are forever changing but also offer creamy non-dairy based options.