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What’s up, y’all! It’s almost a week into 2018 and that means sadly, a good majority of you are just about to give up on those New Years resolutions. *pause for dramatic sigh* BUT before you do, I wanted to try to swoop in and give you a few helpful tips that keep me on track when starting something new.

Making a Healthy New Years Resolution is always a bit challenging and even sometimes controversial. Before getting into the nitty-gritty, I want to give my two cents on the term “Resolution”:

Ok, now that I’ve established that. Let’s just hop right into it!

Got Healthy Resolutions? Here’s 3 Tips to Stay on Track:

  1. Physically write down your goals.

    • This may sound extremely simple and you might even be asking yourself, “that’s all she’s got?” but let me be the first or fiftieth person to tell you that writing down your goals makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE! I was a sceptic as well, that is, until I actually just frkn tried it out.
      Think about when you study for an exam. When you write something down (physical pen and paper style), you’re about 10X more likely to remember it than if you we’re to not or even type it. That remembrance turns on your brain, you start thinking about it more often, and then you’re able to see that sheet of paper all day everyday! #blessed
  2. Power in Numbers.

    • You’re an strong individual who should always DO. YOU. BOO. BOO. but there is also a special kind of strength when you start to embark on a new journey.
      Those moments when your mind starts to wander and you start to question why you even began in the first place, it’s nice to have that friend, family member, or significant other to lean on and motivate you!
  3. Just do the damn thing!

    • You heard me. I’m going to be your tough love coach in telling you that you can do this! In the end, you’re the only one who really cares if you complete this specific goal or not. Do it for the haters, do it for your health, do it for YOU!
      Always go back to that physical piece of paper where you wrote down your goal and beyond that, think of the why. Why did you even pick or start this goal to begin with?

All in all, I hope that you feel inspired to either continue on with your resolutions or hit the reset and make new ones! You shouldn’t feel defeated if you don’t complete them but instead, evaluate the why it happened and how you can improve upon them!

Did you even make any goals for the year? If yes, what are they? If no, why not?
DM on Instagram OR message me here! I love to hear the goals everyone is setting and how you find motivation to achieve them 🙂