How I #PlayOn with Playtex® Sport®

*In partnership with Playtex Sport

With spring break around the corner, it’s a crucial time to make the most out of every workout and not let anything hold you back. I’ve partnered with Playtex Sport to encourage ladies to Play On even through that time of the month.

When you have to already overcome bloating, fatigue, and of course mood swings during your period, worrying about leakage is the LAST thing you should have to worry about. Growing up a competitive swimmer and competing for The University of Texas at Austin’s Women’s team, I remember strictly using Playtex Sport. It was the only brand I trusted to keep me confident throughout a workout in and out of the pool.

Now years later, and I stand by them! The best part is, they have have a line of Playtex Sport Compact tampons that are 30% smaller than the full-size Playtex Sport tampons based on length before extension and provide the same protection and comfort. This way you can fit them anywhere and #playon through your period.

The workout only takes 30 minutes and is perfect for my ladies who like to sweat! It’s a mix of heavy lifts + HIIT to get the most bang for your buck & have you feeling more confident than ever.

Who’s Ready?

The Workout:

8X 20 seconds work/10 Seconds rest of each exercise – 2X Total

  1. Rope Slams
  2. Side Plank Oblique Crunch
  3. Sled Push
  4. Watt Bike

Finish with 6 Rounds, EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) of 6 Heavy Loaded Squats.

*note that it should be challenging to hit that sixth rep! It’s a great way to finish your workout and tone your legs, glutes, and core*

Make sure that when that 20 seconds is on the clock, you’re giving 100% of your effort! The short bursts of energy will elevate your heart rate real quick and have you feeling the burn and reaping the benefits long after you finish the workout. That’s why HIIT is by far my favorite way to workout!

Here is a savable image of the workout:

HIIT Workout


When you complete the workout – Tag me @spinsyddy and @playtexsport to show us how you #PlayOn.

For my Austin followers, they have a smart vending machine set up at the University of Texas Women’s Basketball game February 19th and will be on sight to give out your free box in turn for a #selfie and letting us know what your best sports advice is.

Mine is – The biggest obstacle is the one your mind puts in front of you. Remind yourself, your body was made to move so dang it, just move!