how many times a week should you workout

Well, isn’t this a loaded question? I’m sure you’ve come across countless articles about different workout programs, including days per week, types of workouts, length of workouts, etc. But how many days a week should you work out? I will shed light and hopefully answer that question for you today.

First, let’s start by clarifying the types of workouts you are doing. There are different workout styles like low-intensity cardio, yoga, pilates, high-intensity training, and strength training, this list could go on. So to know how many days a week you should workout, you need to figure out your routine and intensity.

Keep in mind that although there is such a thing as an optimal number for general health, the next thing you need to clarify is what is your overall goal. Typically for clients, I recommend working out or performing some sort of “vigorous” activity three times per week for 30-40 minutes each session. This could be a fast walk that increases your heart rate, strength training to help build or maintain muscle mass, or a high-intensity training session like the ones I share on my Instagram and YouTube accounts.

The general population is extremely busy; therefore, it’s pretty impossible to continuously get in a workout session more than five times per week. If you’re looking to stick to an effective routine that saves you time, try completing the protocol above for the next 3-4 months and see how you progress. I’m willing to bet an extremely large cup of coffee that you’ll see more results doing that than working out more and not sticking to a routine at all.

Not only is time a constraint, but your body is constantly giving you feedback. What does that mean? When you work out, you’re exerting energy to perform a set of movements for an extended time. Depending on the intensity of the workout, you’ll either feel energized and refreshed or depleted. Either way, your body requires rest and nutrients to bounce back. Working out “too much” is a thing that you should avoid if you’re wanting to make any sort of change or gains in your fitness journey.

When speaking with clients, one of the biggest obstacles is scaling back due to the idea that more is more. When in reality, that isn’t the case at all! Doing extreme things will never give you lasting results. Think of all the times you or a friend has “started a new health journey” over the years. There are many factors as to why extremes aren’t the answer to all your fitness problems, and we can go over that in detail in another post, but for now, just let that idea simmer.

So, how many days a week should you work out? The answer is more simple than you think. Aim for at least three days a week and utilize your time by performing more intense sessions as I listed above. Suppose you feel ready after a month’s worth of continuous effort. In that case, you can add another day or even just intensify the workout by increasing your weights or lengthening your work period.

My best piece of advice is not to overthink it and to stick with the basics. It has proven successful for my clients and myself over the years!

I’m curious, how many days a week work out and why is that? Message me, and let’s keep the conversation going.