Okay guys, I haven’t talked about my current lifestyle a lot on social so I thought I’d update you. Recently, I’ve gone through some uninspired moments in my life both on and off social media. My workouts have been lack luster, my nutrition hasn’t been a huge priority, and I’ve felt this void of where I want to go next. Before I go to deep, know that there’s my Syddy Series 8 Week Refresh PDF at the end! Good things, good things.

Personally, being on social media all the time as a “fitness expert” and having¬†these standards to live up to is completely exhausting. Whether I knew it or not months ago, I’ve struggled with keeping up this cookie cutter image which has led me to where I’m at today.

Right now I’m going through some life/career changes that are great but also just different and hard to manage sometimes. I’m not 100% confident where my body is at physically and it has to do with the way I’ve neglected my workouts & especially nutrition. On top of that, I’ve definitely struggled with keeping up on social media lately. I love that the platform allows me to reach so many people and constantly be inspired but being so public about your life definitely has its downfalls as well.

Going into the next 8 weeks, I’m hitting refresh on my routine. I’m choosing to take control of what’s ahead and to do things that make me feel like myself again. I’m not saying I’ll be going back to my exact normal routine, but more just rethinking the way I approach situations and if you’re feeling like you need a little something extra in your life, let’s do this!


Things I’ll be mindful on throughout the 8 weeks:

  1. Doing things that truly make me happy (outdoor runs with friends, morning coffee, baking)
  2. Intuitive eating habits (not just snacking when I find myself bored, but when I’m actually hungry)
  3. Intuitive workout habits (sticking to a plan but if my body says otherwise, be OK with switching it up)

Make sure to download the #SyddySeries PDF for easy tracking! You can print it out and mark it up however you want and personally set goals that make sense for you.

This is meant to create new habits, a sustainable healthy life, and ultimately feeling goooood!

Follow along on my Instagram for daily and weekly updates plus use #SYDDYSERIES so I can follow along your series too. I’m constantly inspired by y’all and love seeing your posts!