Sunday mornings are days that I absolutely cherish. It’s my one day a week to sleep in as late as I want and start my day in a way that will make me feel the most at ease. We all have busy lives, where it feels like the week never ends, or a project seems to drag on forever. What we don’t often do is give our brains a break. I fall victim to this more often than I’d like to admit, but I like to stay busy! There is the term “hustle” that is IMO overused and in wrong context. Hustle smarter not harder to create the life you want. This includes taking even 5 minutes to just sit back and breathe.

Since Sunday’s are typically the day of the week where about 99.9% of us don’t have to work, I wanted to let y’all in on my go-to lazy Sunday morning routine because it’s one that I’ve gotten in the habit of doing and it not only gives me the mental break my body needs, but it sets me up for an even more productive week!

Yours might look different from mine, but in the end, just pick 3-5 tasks that make you happy and give you peace of mind.

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My Go-To Lazy Sunday Morning Routine

  1. Wake-up to the sun aka DO NOT set an alarm. Saturday nights usually consist of me in bed by 10pm because #grandmalife! It allows my body clock to reset the next day by waking up to the sun. One of the greatest feelings is going to bed and knowing you won’t have to wake up to an alarm in your ear.
  2. Drink a giant glass of water. Every night I fill up about a 12oz glass of water and leave it by my bedside. After sleeping anywhere from 6-8 hours, your body is dehydrated when you wake up. So the first thing I look for is good ol’ H20 to hydrate and start my day on a positive note before even getting out of bed!
  3. Avoid checking my phone right as I wake up. I’m constantly on social media or checking emails, so I have to set boundaries on Sunday’s to not check my phone right when I open my eyes. Let me tell you, this is NOT an easy habit for me and sometimes I catch myself reaching for it, but on the days that I don’t, it just feels good to stay disconnected for about 3o minutes.
  4. Make my bed & put on my comfiest robe. There’s something about a made bed that makes me feel accomplished AF. Plus, I’m notorious for lounging in my robe because it’s just so comfy and I feel so at ease when I’m in it. So, find a pair of PJ’s or robe that make you feel like a dime.
  5. Make a cup of warm green tea + fresh lemon. Recently, I’ve started adding this and LOVE what it’s doing for my digestion! Aka keeps things moving right along if ya know what I mean.
  6. Slowly start to plug back into social media and your devices. After going through 1-5 above, it’s nice to reconnect with the world. This way there’s also no surprises come Monday morning and I still feel like I did something.

Again, these are just things that I personally find helpful when I feel like I’m drowning in work. You should always make time to take care of yourself. If you’re stressed, most likely you’re not even putting out your best work!

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