Hey guys! So, this is a super special post because I’ve teamed up with Lincoln Property Company (LPC) to showcase all the great aspects of living the luxe life in North Austin in Gallery at Domain.

Before going any further, if you’re new here, hey! A quick back story on me is I’m a 100% born and raised Austinite who grew up in North Austin. I’m all too familiar with the area and when The Domain was just a thought… now it’s a booming area of Austin and even called “the new Downtown”.

LPC is known for creating some pretty incredible apartments that include well thought out amenities like pools (yes, plural), gyms (again, plural), and club houses (plural!) for residences to enjoy and really live a 5-star lifestyle. For me, a nonnegotiable when looking for a place to live is a nice gym with tons of fun equipment and that everything is well-kept.

Literally, had I known about these apartment sooner, I’d be living there.

They have 3 gyms in total, each dedicated to a different type of workout:

  1. Athletic/Performance Based
  2. Classic Gym Set Up with Free-weights and Machines
  3. Studio Style with cardio equipment and area to host classes

I remember the LPC team mentioning that a lot of their residences actually cancel their gym memberships because there is so much variety right in the building plus group classes are offered just about every day of the week by Shape Up Fitness.

LPC Gallery at Domain

Now that we’ve got some insight on the property and all their unreal perks. Let’s get into the event: Beats, Bootcamp, BBQ!

The class was of course bootcamp style, no equipment required, and lead by April of Shape Up Fitness. She put us through a total body workout with bodyweight moves like push-ups, squats, abs, and even some running (everyone’s fav)!

The class was about 45 min long and the whole time, the DJ was playing some new-school tunes to keep the energy high and focusing our energy on the fun aspect of working out instead of the grueling sweat.

Being a former member of corporate gyms or studios, I can say from my own experience that it’s SOOOO NICE having these workouts available to you everyday of the week. Sometimes working out on your own can get boring or you feel super unmotivated, but with the right tools (like a beautiful gym and on site group classes) you’re able to switch it up and keep things exciting!

Something I really loved about attending the event was that it was an event for their community. Gallery at Domain brought in local food and drink vendors, local DJ, and highlighted the aspects of what it was really like to live in their apartments. Which obviously is super important!

If you’re looking for a place to live in ATX, highly recommend these guys and make sure you mention SpinSyddy sent you!

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