Meal Planning has been around for quite some time now and extremely popular in the fitness world for both busy moms and athletes in competition mode. With there being so many recipes out there and sometimes not a lot of time to prep, it’s easy to fall off the band wagon and go back to old habits. Snap Kitchen recently launched their new Meal Planning service that takes the hassle out of cooking, planning, and cleaning which leaves you with full bellies and calm minds that you’re sticking to your goals.

Personally, I’ve meal planned a few times in my life but haven’t had much long-term success in sticking to it. Either the meals get boring, the food goes bad, or I get really lazy and don’t take the time out of my day to prep. Overtime, I’ve found my groove in the kitchen but still find myself needing to take and easy and trustworthy approach when it comes to my nutrition.

You can read all about the details on Snap Kitchen Meal Planning in my blog post here.

What I really want to chat about today is the partnership between Snap Kitchen and Camp Gladiator! Since launching the MP service, Camp Gladiator has come on board and created a customized program that’s higher in protein and higher in calories to fuel your fitness. I mean, if you train like an athlete, you need to eat like one too!

I had the opportunity to interview Claire Siegel (RDN, LD, Snap’s Realist Dietician) and Brandon Brickley (Regional VP of CG) to get the inside scoop to this new partnership and how fitness go hand in hand like two peas in a pod!

Hope y’all enjoy reading this as much as I did interviewing these two!

Question 1: What is your role at (CG OR SNAP) and how did you get here?

Brandon is the Vice President of CG & Regional Director in Texas. His sister, Ally Davidson, is one of the owners of CG! Brandon has a background in sports, swimming for Texas A&M University and competed missionary work in Guatemala teaching fitness to children. Now, him and his wife live in Austin but travels for work often spreading his love for fitness and CG.

Claire is a University of Texas Alum who studied nutrition and became a Registered Dietician. She started out working for Snap Kitchen in Houston as a local store marketer and the Houston area dietician. After 2 years of grassroots marketing techniques, she moved to Austin where she became Snap’s Realist Dietician and now works directly with their head chef on menu development and recipe analysis.

Question 2: How did the partnership between Snap Kitchen & Camp Gladiator spark?

Brandon – They wanted to push people towards real food opposed to supplements. The biggest challenge with meal prep is taking the time to prepare real food, so they wanted to cut out excuses and make it easier for their clients!

Claire – Both companies are HQ in Austin and are actually right down the road from one another! Not just that, but they have respect for one another and the health goals each is wanting to carry out.

Question 3: What makes this meal plan different from any others on the market?

Brandon – people often get wrapped up in the details (Gluten Free, Paleo, etc.) but the idea is to give your body good, wholesome foods. The approach is more generalized for the public who want to live healthy and feel good!

Question 4: The CG Meal Plan says it has a higher protein and higher calorie intake than the rest, why is that?

Claire – It was designed for the CG Fit athletes who are tracking their nutrition and working out 4-5 times a week. Higher protein helps the muscles recover and rebuild, higher calorie intake because athletes need enough fuel to recover and actually feel full. In order to train like an athlete, it’s important to eat like one!

Question 5: It’s targeted towards athletes but who else could benefit from the meal plan program?

Claire – It takes a lot of work and thought to plan out a week’s worth of meals! How much should I be eating? How do I hit my macros? How do I incorporate variety? are all questions people tend to think about. The meal plan is great because less time in general goes into planning; pick your requirements, customize your plan, place the order and pick it up or get it delivered! The reality is life doesn’t always support your needs or aspirations for wanting to be healthy and eat right.

Question 6: What are some of your favorite Snap Kitchen meals?

Brandon – any and all the salmon dishes!

Claire – Likes to get creative with side dishes! Mixing and matching certain sides – Broccoli with Chicken Salad, adding the turnip mash to everything and anything.

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Overall, the idea is to eat real foods and not focusing on aesthetics, it’s taking into account what makes you feel good and fueling your body for success!

Check out the Snap Kitchen website for more details on their meal plans & Camp Gladiator for locations all over Austin (and the US) plus info on the CG Fit plan.


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