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Happy New Year everyone! Each year I hear a lot of friends who want this to be the year they finally get into shape, but they usually give up. One of the biggest reasons they do is because they don’t want to embarrass themselves at the gym. I GET IT. Going into a new place, surrounded by strangers – you don’t want to make mistakes, look out-of-place, and you definitely don’t want to be the sweaty, stinky newbie.

Well – rejoice my friends because I am here today to give you some helpful advice for how to start the year looking, feeling and smelling fresh while at the gym.

If y’all follow me on Instagram or watch my stories, you know that I sweat a TON in my workouts for two reasons; 1. The workouts always challenge me at Athletic Outcomes and 2. Because God blessed me with the sweat gene. That’s why I need to work overtime to keep my clothes from smelling like the pits (pun intended) and that I’m able to go straight from the gym to wherever my day takes me!

My new trick is Downy Fresh Protect In-Wash Odor Shield Beads. They add that extra pop of freshness that not only makes your workout gear smell amazing, but keeps them smelling fresh throughout the day—like deodorant for your clothes! I mean seriously, you would never skip deodorant before a workout, so why would you skip it for your clothes, right?

I’ll be honest, doing my gym laundry is something I dread, but these beads really are easy to use: just pour half a capful into the washing machine drum before adding your clothes.

Well I hope this inspires you all to start that new gym routine with a little more confidence! If you like what you read, grab yourself some Downy today and try out my new workout routine below! Follow​ this link to find out more about Fresh Protect In-Wash Odor Shield Beads and message me when you do! I’d love to see how YOU add Downy to your new routine.

Strength and Conditioning Workout

The Warm-Up: 5-10 minutes using a Jump Rope

The Workout:

*Each move is 45 seconds on & 15 seconds of rest – 6X each move before going into the next exercise!

*After Each 6 minute round, make sure to take an extra 30-60 second break!


Full Video:

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If you like what you read, grab yourself some Downy today! Follow this link to find out more information about their products (my personal fav being their in-wash shield beads) and message me when you do! I want to know how YOU add Downy to your new routine.