Nutrition can make or break your fitness goals. With so much information on nutrition and different diets, it’s difficult to know what will work best for your body.

As a Nutritionist and advocate for healthy eating, I’m here to tell you that a healthy diet is simple.  Eat mostly whole foods including vegetables, fruit, low fat diary, beans, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils.  Limit your intake of sugar, salt, and fat. But if you aren’t sure where to start, follow me for tips on the proper way to fuel your body and to live a happy healthy life or sign up for one of my consultations.



I. One-on-One Nutrition Guidance*

*Require a minimum of 3 meetings ($75 per 1 1/2 hour meeting)

II. Meal Plans

  1. Individualized plan $75 each
  2. Weekly Coaching with meal plans & guidance: $300/month
  • weekly check-ins [ ie: food and workouts ]
  • weight recalculation of BMI (Body Mass Index) after weight loss
  • strength training guidance by increase weight and reps, negative reps, and lowering the rest time between sets
  • motivation to further push to weekly goals we’ve set for you

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Blenders and Bowls – Are you familiar with acai, the Brazilian wonder berry? It’s been shown to do everything from boosting your immune system, making your heart healthier to reversing aging. At Blenders & Bowls, they whip the acai berry up into a variety of tasty dishes. (All  are served cold.) You can’t go wrong with The OG, a blend of acai, bananas, strawberries, and  some hemp granola on top for the ideal crunch.

Koriente – Everything on their menu involves some type of vegetable, some type of rice, and/or a lean protein, all without too much added seasoning or salt. If you come for  lunch, you’ll be treated to free miso soup, free salad, and, if you time it just right, free pickled vegetables. Finally, there’s the cost. Pretty much everything is under $10, and you won’t leave hungry. Good for your wallet, good for your soul, and good for your health.

Casa de Luz is the hidden gem of Austin. Set far back from the street in the southern part of the city, you navigate a forest of bamboo, wind chimes, and babbling fountains just to reach the front door. Even before your first bite, your mind is already at ease. The menu changes each day and includes only vegan, organic, non-processed foods. You serve yourself an entree, soup, salad, and tea, and enjoy it all in perhaps the quietest restaurant in Austin. Everything about this place is healing, and guaranteed to make you feel like you added a few years to your life.

Whole Foods –  Grab a quick healthy bite from their stir-fry line. Pay-by-the-pound rules of the food bar do not apply. Your best bet is to pile your bowl as high as allowed by physics before handing it over to be prepared. Rest assured the experts behind the bar can handle whatever is thrown at them, so pack the bowl and maximize your greens-per-dollar ratio.

Juiceland – Sometimes, even the thought of literal whole foods seems like too much of a commitment. In these moments, only a liquid meal will do, and JuiceLand is your best bet.  Your go-to here is going to be the Tigerlilly if you’re opting for juice or the Alkalizer Plus for smoothies. Both have the maximum number of green things you can throw into a blender and ensure you walk away feeling like you’ve done your body a favor.

True Food Kitchen – There’s no confusion at True Food Kitchen, thanks to the place cards on each table detailing exactly how nutritious their ingredients are. Grab one of their fresh juices, a hearty bowl of teriyaki quinoa or ancient grains to feel better.   Start with their Farmers Market Crudites, a massive plate of chilled raw vegetables, tzatziki, and black olive dip.

Snap Kitchen – Healthy, handmade meals for busy people. Here’s a common dilemma — it’s lunchtime and you’re indecisive, so you put off your meal until you become so hungry that you end up eating at the same taco truck for the fifth time of the week. If this sounds all too familiar and you need a change, Snap Kitchen is your new best friend. All the nutritious meals are pre-made, so you can pick them up on the fly or stock up for the week, thereby saving yourself from the daily struggle.

Farmhouse Delivery
– Inspired by the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, we offer a subscription to the farmers’ market in the form of a box of vegetables delivered to your door. We call it a bushel. It’s easy to start.