It’s week two of Fit Body Reboot, so Sakeenah (MyBrownSparklez) and I are showing y’all our favorite workout moves in our favorite Outdoor Voices sweat gear.

This workout requires no weights or equipment and can be done anywhere! So whether you prefer the great outdoors or cooling air-conditioned gym, I’ve got you covered.

Move 1 – Inclined Push-up

Outdoor Voices Austin

Reps: 12

Fit Tip: Place your hands wider than your shoulders to target your chest and closer together to target the triceps.

Move 2 – Reverse Lunge to 1-legged Dead Lift

Reps: 10 each leg

Fit Tip: Keep your hips square to the ground and squeeze your heel up as you hinge towards the ground. To activate your upper back, raise your hands in line with your ears.

Move 3 – Burpee

Austin Texas Fitness Austin Texas SpinsyddySpinsyddy AustinAustin Spinsyddy

Reps: 10

Fit Tip: This is already one of my all-time favorite full-body burnout, but to up the sweat, I love adding in a tuck jump at the top which activates my lower abdominal.

Repeat all 3 exercises 4X through for a total body burn!

For a cardio bonus, I love adding this onto a 30 minute run around the Town Lake Trail.

The Tech Sweat collection by Outdoor Voices is absolute perfection for this type of workout. On those hot summer days, the sweat-wicking and 4-way stretch fabric keeps you cool and makes you want to workout because of how comfortable it is!

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