Let me start by giving y’all a little back story. I once considered myself to be an above average swimmer, my talents took me where I had only ever dreamed of… The University of Texas Women’s Swim Team. After dedicating my life to the sport for more than 10 years, that chapter had come to a close and soon after, realized that I wanted (and needed) a new sport to keep me occupied. Plus one that allowed me to eat all the fried chicken and chocolate I dreamed of.

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Although I consider cycling as one of my favorite forms of exercise now-a-days, there’s something about a nice run along Town Lake that gives me a sense of calm. Not knowing a whole lot about the sport/workout/endorphin release, I started my journey to becoming a “runner”.

Brooks Running Austin

What do I consider a runner you ask? Well TBH the definition is very lax. For some, it is those who run 40+ miles a week and compete in as many marathons as one can fit into 365 days. For others it is simply the desire to get up, lace up, and hit the trail. No matter which end of the spectrum you fall under, I believe that we can all agree that there is some sort of rush and sense of ease when you take that last step.

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After months of slowly falling for this new sport, I realized how important the right running shoe was to prevent injury and enhance your stride. With extensive research aka “googling” by taking into account arch support and level of cuteness, I was able to narrow my search to my (now) favorite company, Brooks Running!

I was honestly upset that I hadn’t found them sooner! Perhaps my body is prone to knee injuries or land sports in general, but before finding the Ravenna 7 shoe, I would end up with horrible shin splints and joint pain. Finally, as if God had sent them from the heavens himself, Brooks Running shoes had walked their way into my life.

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I have yet to have any complaints since switching over to the bright side, and don’t think I ever will (but if I did, you’d know). Now I get it, everyone has different feet and different shoe desires; High arch, low arch, wide feet, etc. So not every single shoe is going to fit the bill BUT that being said, they’re a running shoe company (WHOA! WHAT?)! Aka they make all different shapes, forms, sizes, add-ons, for their shoes to personalize and ultimately find the shoe that fits 😉

Personally, I have rather low arches and somewhat wide feet (here is the part where you get to know me on a personal level). So I look for a shoe that has somewhat of an arch but definitely has wiggle room to let my feet breathe while supports me so I don’t twist an ankle… or something.

After trying out the Ravenna 7 by Brooks, it was officially official that I had found my perfect match. These shoes check all the boxes on my list: Cushioned yet supportive, road running specific, and CUTE!

Some features of this shoe include:

Ideal for those who:

You can take their test online to find out the shoes to fit your needs and ultimately guide you to your running shoe soul mate. To find out your ideal fit, click here!

Final Thoughts:  What started out as the occasional run on the weekends that left me with shin splints and joint pain, has now turned into a weekly routine that leaves me feeling energized and ENJOYING my time on the trail!

Now if only I owned every single pair in every color… I would be set for life!
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