Practice Yoga Austin Vinyasa -inviting studio.

Practice Yoga Austin is such an inviting studio with bright colors and a cozy feel.


Practice Yoga Austin

I was pleasantly surprised to find this studio over on the East side of Austin, they are not far from the downtown area so it isn’t a far drive at all if you’re wanting to venture out and give them a go.

Practice Yoga Austin, TX

One of my favorite things about the studio was the atmosphere.  The vibrant colors and cozy feel made the space feel very welcoming.  I mean of course the yoga class itself was fabulous, but I think what really brings you back to a studio is how it makes you feel when you walk in the door.

Practice Yoga spinsyddy

The Vinyasa Flow focused on opening the chest and elongating the back because most of us sit hunched over almost 24/7 either because of jobs or our everyday lives.  Stacie really took the time to correct the poses when needed and kept a great pace throughout the entire class.

Practice Yoga Austin spinsyddy

I was a HUGE fan of Practice Yoga and am excited to find another donation based Yoga studio in Austin to go to!

Sydney Torabi

Where: Practice Yoga Austin (Eastside)

What: Vinyasa (75 minutes)

What to Wear: Fitted clothing that won’t get in the way if you’re upside down/distract you

What to Bring: Yoga mat, water bottle, credit card for donation

Booked Through: StudioHop

Instructor: Stacie

Practice Yoga Austin –

Location: 1103 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

Cost: Donation based (recommended $10-$15); all done on an iPad so you never feel awkward (big plus)

About: Donation based yoga studio that offers all sorts of different styles of practice as well as a fun/low-key space to rejuvenate.

Extras: They have yoga mats and towels for rent as well as a water fountain to fill up if needed.