SWET AT HOME PHASE 3 is the final 4-week program in the series which is designed to build on the skills you learned in Phases 1 and 2! This eBook requires NO EQUIPMENT! These workouts can be completed in the comfort of your home, at a park, or of course at a gym.

This 38-page eBook is a digital download that is packed full of even more unique workouts to work your functionality and strength as well as a few new recipes to keep you on track without compromising flavor. These workouts are meant to be integrated into your life, no matter how busy things get, since every workout takes 35-minutes or less to complete! The workouts include a mix of high-intensity training, functional strength, and a few *new* power-focused workouts that are designed to burn fat and sustain muscle mass. #goals



Phase 3 is the final 4-week eBook to the SWET AT HOME series. It’s full of brand-new functional bodyweight workouts for all levels (just like in phases 1 and 2)! In the final phase, I really wanted to emphasize strength and power so you’ll see a few new types of workouts along with of course the added difficulty of being the final phase in the series. There are many similarities between all the eBooks (don’t fix what ain’t broken) to help you build strength, gain confidence, and get you feeling like your strongest self in the most sustainable way! Again, you can do this entire eBook from home! No equipment is needed and even when you’re short on time, these are the perfect workouts to keep you on track.


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