Reform Pilates is a local studio located in Tarrytown. They may seem unassuming from the front but are filled with some amazing things inside! The classes are small (4-6 machines per room) so you get more personalized attention. If you’re looking for a good, local Pilates studio to get lean and toned all year round, this is your place.

Reform Pilates Austin

I had never tried a class using classic Pilates equipment (only Megaformers) and was so excited to take it up a notch with their Jump class! If you’ve never done any form of Pilates before, I would highly recommend taking one of their beginner courses so that going into the more advanced classes, you don’t feel lost and in turn have a better experience. The terminology and movements are so specific that going in full force to one of these classes without prior experience is tough and hard to follow.

Months had passed by since my last barre/Pilates based class and I had actually just finished teaching one of my spin classes that morning at Cyc Fitness, so going in my quads were already pretty fatigued. I thought, “how hard could it actually be?” and as soon as we hit that first push on the platforms… I was in for it. By the end my abs were on fire, my quads were shaking, and my whole body was ready to PTFO. It was incredible.

Pilates Austin

If you’re coming from an injury or just looking to tone and tighten EVERYTHING up, Pilates and specifically Reform Pilates, is the thing to do. Being a classic Pilates studio, all of their instructors are masterfully trained and know exactly how to target those little hard to reach spots on your body to transform and ultimately improve its function.

They are located in a shopping center so parking is free and all you need for class are tight comfortable clothing and socks (if you prefer).

Easily become one of my favorite Pilates studios in Austin because I could see and feel a change in my body after just one visit. That being said, I was sore for about 3 days afterwards! Yes, I say that with excitement because sore today means stronger tomorrow!

Spinsyddy Reform Pilates

Classes I’ve Tried & Loved:

Non-ClassPass Pricing: Ranges from $18 to $30 per class. ClassPass Accepted.

Location: 3110 Windsor Road, Austin, TX 78703

AmenitiesFree parking, bathroom, personalized classes

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