Where: Shred415 South Loop in Chicago, IL

Booked through: ClassPass

What? A workout that alternates cardio on their state-of-the-art treadmills and strength training on the floor.

The Workout. At Shred415, their philosophy is burn calories and build lean muscles. Using treadmills, they take you through a series of either hill climbs, sprint intervals, or both which is then followed by floor exercises using both weights and body weight to give you that fit and toned physique everyone strives for. Each class is so different from the next, so don’t expect to get bored anytime soon.

Intervals in these classes can vary anywhere from 5-15 minutes, so your body is always being tested and in turn you see results! The class I took, we kept it clean and did about 15 minutes intervals on and off the treadmill.

What to expect. Walking in, you can expect to be greeted by a super friendly staff and energetic environment. Since I was visiting, the ladies behind the front desk gave great tips on local eats as well as outdoor running spots and their top choices for juice 😉

Now, just because this is a “running” class, does NOT mean you have to be a runner by any means. It is designed to tailor everyones fitness needs and you’re able to walk, jog, sprint your way through a workout as you choose.

Amenities. Practically all of them! Showers w/ the works, lockers, towels, etc.

Why Shred415? They provide you with the tools to succeed and excel at any stage in the game you’re at. I’m the kind of gal who doesn’t regularly run on my own but love running, so having an instructor tell me what to do and also feeling like I’m improving both my running endurance and building lean muscles is an A+ in my book.

Shred415 – https://shred415.pagecloud.com