Snap Kitchen has quickly become one of my favorite places to grab a quick, healthy bite. All the meals are well thought out and curated by their executive chef, Matt Reinhart, and lead RD, Claire Siegel (read more about the dynamic duo here). That ensures you’re not just getting a meal thrown together because it sounds like a good idea, but these guys really know what they’re talking bout and put the science behind it. Plus, they really do taste incredible.

Meal planning is something that many people either dread doing or don’t even know where to begin. I avoided it for the longest time because all I was seeing was steamed veggies and plain chicken breast in plastic tubs and was like no way am I doing meal prep, that looks gosh darn terrible. Overtime I started to pick up new tricks to cooking, creating fridge friendly meals, and put my own spin on “meal prep” but even so, find it difficult to keep up with sometimes! I mean, life gets hectic and we don’t all have the time or the patience.

This year, Snap Kitchen introduced their new meal plan service which includes options to go Paleo, Whole30, Low Carb, High Protein,and Balanced. I mean, come on! They couldn’t make it any easier for you and I’m actually screaming because I love this so much.

Each plan includes 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) plus 2 snacks! I’m on the 3 day Paleo meal plan and am loving every minute of it. It gives me one less thing to worry about everyday and I know for a fact I’m sticking to my diet regime & getting in all the nutrients I should be without counting macros or stressing about what I need to buy and cook for the week.

Full Day of Meals + Snacks:

You pick your plan, set your calorie goals/day, how many days you want a week and customize your meals! It’s super simple & did I mention I love it?


Keep your eye’s peeled for a post coming at y’all very soon at the end of my 3 days for a recap on the day-to-day life and what I loved about the plan and maybe even a few things I would change.

PS. I’ve been an OG fan of Snap Kitchen since the beginning and they’ve blessed me with a discount code for y’all! Use code SPINSYDDY online or through their app for $10 off your first order (meal plans included).

Want to take your nutrition to the next level? I’d love to be your coach! Message me your questions.

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