Where: SoulCycle in Chicago, IL (New location in Austin at the Domain)

Class Background. Many describe SoulCycle as a beat based indoor cycling workout, I like to replace the word “workout” with movement. The creators, Elizabeth Cutler and Julie Rice, were tired of just another snooze fest spin class and decided to take action and ultimately change the game. When the doors close to the studio, you’re also closing yourself off from anything going on around you and allowing yourself to be present and get lost in the rhythm. Riding to the beat of the music allows for creative freedom from the instructors and riders alike while also helping pass the time.

Would you describe them as a “Cult”? The community that SoulCyle is like no other and for many the term “cult” is used. Of course it comes with both negative and positive connotations, but ultimately if you follow them on any social media outlet you can see why people are totally obsessed. Everyone from Instructor, to local rider, to celebrities’ are featured at some point on their Snapchat or Instagram accounts. Having such a strong community from the ground up is part of what has led to SoulCycle’s great success.

What to expect. If you’ve never taken a spin class EVER or it’s your first time at Soul, here’s what I would recommend:

Best aspects of the studio. Other than their signature color (yellow) being vibrant and welcoming, the studio is also spacious and clean. Oh, and of course their sound system is impeccable!

Final thoughts. This was my first time to ever visit Chicago, and only second time ever going to a SoulCycle, but I can tell you that I was not disappointed by any means. I’ve been to a handful of studios in the past and have high expectations when I go anywhere new. So impressing me ain’t easy.

Visit their website for more details and locations! https://www.soul-cycle.com

Soul Cycle Now open in Austin, TX. Address: 11800 Domain Blvd #150, Austin, TX 78758