Staying Fresh Through The Best Outdoor Workouts in Austin
In Partnership with Downy

DownyOne of my favorite things to do as the weather warms up in Austin is take my workouts outside! I love to break out of my normal routine with a killer hiking workout on the trail, mentally take a break AND I don’t need any equipment!

It’s true when they say that nature is the best gym because by the end of this workout I was working up a sweat and it felt amazing. And when you exercise outside, it’s so easy to go right to your favorite lunch or smoothie spots, or even go shopping or run errands. The problem is that after working up a sweat – I’m not smelling so great and get a little self-conscious about doing anything but running home to shower and change.

That’s why I partnered with Downy to put their Fresh Protect beads to the test! It’s like deodorant for your clothes (even workout apparel!) with 24-hours of odor protection — and since I live a busy life and don’t always have time to run home and change, it lets me go from the trails to the shops (like my go-to juice shop, Juice Society – keep reading for some A++ things on their menu, y’all!) without smelling like I had just became one with mother nature. ☺

So today, I’m showing you one of my favorite places to work up a sweat that isn’t in a gym, plus refueling at one of my FAVORITE healthy food spots in town.

First, let’s get your workout gear ready for the climb ahead: in addition to my regular detergent, I’ll add in a cap full of Downy Fresh Protect beads into the drum of my laundry machine (no waiting for the rinse cycle!) for a boost of freshness and odor protection. It helps keep me and my clothes smelling great, and works better the more I move — especially great for workouts like these!

Alright, time to talk fitness – this workout is designed to get your heart rate elevated and tone those legs because warmer weather is around the corner!

Austin Hike

Always start by getting in a 5-10 minute warm-up. It should include dynamic movement (squats, alternating leg kicks, reverse lunges), light stretching, and some cardio to bring that core temperature up! <— It is called a “WARM up” after all. We ended ours with a few rounds a quarter of the way on the stairs at Mt. Bonnell.

Next up, time to sweat:

Round 1

Alternate between light jogs and sprints up the stairs until you reach the top! Repeat 4X

Outdoor Workout Austin Fitness

Round 2

Use the stairs for traveling High Knees followed by jogging the rest of the way at the halfway mark! Repeat 3X

Austin Hike and Bike

Round 3

At the top of Mt. Bonnell, Find an elevated surface (bench, ledge, etc.) and complete 10 Single Leg Hops on your right leg followed by 10 on your left. Rest for 30 seconds, Repeat 6X

HIIT Austin

*Depending on your fitness level, you can complete this workout 1-3X*

You’ve crushed it on the mountain and now it’s time to take care of yourself. Two of the most important things following a workout like this are proper cool down and of course healthy foods! Take about 5 minutes to stretch, catch your breath, and enjoy the view.

There was no hesitation after our workout that we wanted to grab some food at our local juice shop, Juice Society, for some post-sweat session treats! And thanks to Downy Fresh Protect, I felt totally comfortable heading (even racing!) to Juice Society without needing to shower or change before.

On the menu are cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, and avocado toasts. A few of my favorite things on the menu include the purple haze smoothie & avocado toast with sprouts and hemp seeds.

Juice Society

Austin Juice Shop

Now that you’ve got my favorite hiking routine AND post-sweat sesh spot, it’s time for you to put Downy through the test, too! Make sure to grab your own bottle of Fresh Protect beads here, your workout bff, and hit the trail! Let me know when you do and make sure to tag myself & Downy in your posts using @spinsyddy & @downy.