Juice Society Austin, TXHave you ever thought about doing a juice cleanse but didn’t know where to begin or if you’d even survive. Well I’m here to tell you how to start and how to THRIVE.

I recently completed a whopping 5 day cleanse with the help of Juice Society. The cleanse itself was so well thought out! Maybe you ask yourself, what makes Juice Society different from the rest? Well, I’m glad you asked, because there is a HUGE difference! Danielle Sobel, the owner of JS, created each juice (and cleanse) with great thought. Rather than juicing a bunch of vegetables or fruits because they “sound good together”, she creates a purpose with the juice.

From the background to the nitty-gritty: Here is how you’re going to make it through and want to take on this challenge again and again.

  1.  Mentally prepare yourself and keep the end goal in mind. I mean, this was my very first cleanse EVER and I was diving head first into murky waters. That being said, I was absolutely determined to complete this cleanse with shining colors! I knew it was coming, prepped myself, and when things got hard, kept in mind that it is only 5 days of my entire life.
  2. Stay away from temptation. I’d like to say that I had a great deal of self restrain (and I did to an extent) but overall, ya girl gets hungry and if the temptation is there, I have no filter. So I cleaned out the pantry and kept myself busy.
  3. Have an accountability buddy. I was held accountable just by keeping up with my cleanse on my Instagram account! If you don’t want to use social, tell a bestie, parent, or keep a journal. When you have someone to keep you accountable, you’re 110% more likely to stick with it (and that goes for every aspect of your life).
  4. Follow the rules. Juice Society sends you off into the Juice Cleanse world with your essentials: Juice and a timeline. For every hour of the day, it says when to drink the juices, how much water to drink (it’s a lot), if you should workout, etc. If you follow the timeline, I promise you’ll be golden.
  5. Go to bed early. This one goes hand-in-hand with avoiding temptation. Late night snacking is a real thing and that’s okay! (But not when you’re on a cleanse). So completely cut out that back and forth internal fight with your brain and tummy and just go to bed! You’ll feel better for it the next day, and you’ll feel better for it in the end when you can say you absolutely CRUSHED IT.

The hardest day for me was probably day 3. It had been a good chunk of time that I hadn’t chewed or had protein and I was anticipating the weekend and finishing so I started getting anxious! I constantly reminded myself that this was only 5 days, people do this all the time, and you’re not going to die. Repeating that in combination with a few deep breaths and I was back in the game.

Juice Society

So if you’re looking to take on the challenge, I highly recommend using Juice Society. They’re by far my favorite juices in town and I had the best experience! TBH I’d do it again.

You can find all their different cleanses here and make sure to check them out on South Lamar for all their other delicious creations.

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