Sometimes all you want to do is show up to a workout class and sweat your butt off! Maybe you just had an indulgent weekend or are heading out on a tropical vacation and want to get in that hard-hitting, sweat inducing workout. I’ve curated a list of the sweatiest workouts in Austin, TX for you to do just that!

Included are a range of classes from indoor cycling to yoga and everything in between.


Crush Fitness – Total Body 55

When you add interval based cardio + weight training together, the answer is SWEAT! On the treadmill you go through a series of endurance, hills, and intervals to keep your heart rate elevated and guessing the entire time. Adding that to a total body burnout on the benches, you’re guaranteed to not only sweat but see quick results.

Athletic Outcomes – AO Power

Much like above, the name of the game is cardio + strength. Athletic Outcomes differs by their set-up and the machines used. The cardio part of the workout includes treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines, and even plyometric movements. When alternating to strength, your goal is to lift HEAVY weights! (This is one of my personal favorites here in Austin)

Pure Austin – Blackout

Known as one of the hardest workouts in town, Blackout focuses on military drills which include tire flips, battle ropes, sandbags, sleds, and explosive movements. Those are coupled with running drills and sprints to give you a total body BLACKOUT! It’s not your mothers aerobics class, highly recommended for advanced people.

Heat Bootcamp – Total Body Tabata

Unlike most exercise classes, Tabata focuses on short bursts at max effort. It is said to burn the most calories because of its effects on the body’s ability to burn calories both during and long after your workout has ended. Heat does it right and pushes you to truly put in 100% effort during the time with them!

Indoor Cycling

Love Cycling – Extra Love

Extra Love means extra sweat. Unlike your usual 45-minute indoor cycling class, Love Cycling gives you the option to ride to the beat of the music for a full hour because who doesn’t love the extra burn?

SoulCycle – Soul Survivor

This class is for those who are indoor cycling pros and are looking for that extra burn to add into their workout routine. “A little more challenge, a little more sweat, a lot more SOUL.”


Title Boxing – Boxing

Hitting a heavy bag for an hour is challenging enough, but add in bursts of cardio and an intense ab session at the end of class and you’ve got yourself one sweaty workout and two sore arms.

Omni Fight Club – Kickboxing

These classes combine boot camp training with boxing. By completing exercises on an interval basis and alternating between boxing, kickboxing, speed bags, and plyometric moves, you have a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t fill a gallon bucket of good ol’ sweat.


Wanderlust Yoga – YoStrong

A high intensity yoga and athletic conditioning based class, YoStrong incorporates Vinyasa flows, hand weights, and interval training for a total body tone. Classes are also warmed between 84-89 degrees OR heated between 92-99 degrees.

Corepower Yoga – 75-min Yoga Sculpt

This is where muscles meet yoga! Their hour-long sculpt class is a great place to start for beginners, but if you’re really wanting to break a sweat and work for the booty, their 75 minutes class is where it’s at! It combines free hand weights with their signature C2 sequence and added cardio to give you a total body burn out! Classes are warmed between 92 and 95 degrees.

Pure Yoga – Pure84

If you’re unfamiliar with Bikram Yoga, it’s essentially 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises using the Bikram Method. Heated to 105 degrees F and a total of 90 minutes long.

Pure84 consists of 84 postures in the Ghosh Yoga practice plus inversions and advanced asanas. The real kicker? It’s 120 minutes long! You’re sure to break a sweat from the moment you step in the door to when you leave. Definitely not for the faint of heart, so try out their signature Pure26 first!

See something you love? Do you think I missed a great studio? Reach out to me and let me know! I’d love to try out a new gym and get in a great workout!

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