Top Innovative Gyms AustinHello Austin!

Today I want to talk to y’all about a few of the top rated “Innovative Gyms” in America!  Why? Because out of the 28 that made the list, 2 of them are right here in Austin, TX.  The list was created by and after reading it and seeing the types of workouts these places have to offer, they couldn’t be more spot on.

At number 10 is Orange Theory Fitness, who are known for their revolutionary workouts that incorporate a heart rate monitor used by each client.  During each workout, your heart rate actually flashes up on a screen so you are constantly aware and reminded to stay in the “orange zone”, which is about 84% of your max heart rate.  I haven’t tried them out myself just yet, but am dying to get out there and see what it’s all about!  I have heard such great things about the studio, and with locations in Austin as well as the surrounding areas, it’s easy to get your butt over there and try it out!

Next, number 11, is none other than Define Body and Mind (review).  I have already raved about how much I love the workouts and the dynamic of the studio.  They offer cycling, body, and hammock classes, all of which are absolutely amazing and fun!  The instructors are technical, energetic, and passionate.  They really care about your experience and challenge you both physically and mentally to help reach your fitness goals.

There is so much more I could say about each of these studios, but you can read more about them on their sites (which I will link below) as well as the rest of the top 28 list!

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Define Body & Mind – (Revolution Review) (Hammock Review)
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