When planning for a week of workouts, I often try to switch up my routine everyday to keep it fun and get a good amount of both cardio and strength training in. Athletic Outcomes makes planning my week extremely easy because it’s a one-stop-shop to lift heavy, burn cardio calories, and recover so I can do it all again!

Living a rather active lifestyle, I’m used to working out sometimes 3 times a day. That being said, I dedicated all my time to Athletic Outcomes for a week and boy was it the best decision I could have made. Both my mind and body were happy campers!

Day 1: AO Strength

Starting the week out strong (quite literally)! This class format focuses on 4 major moves and how heavy can you go… Yes. Ouch. But oh so good! I love throwing in 1 to 2 strength classes a week to build lean muscle and burn stubborn fat areas!

Day 2: AO Fit – Speed

The classic AO Fit class is circuit based, usually consisting of 8 stations with 8 different exercises. Since today’s focus was speed, it was shorter bursts with lighter weights to crank out those reps. Mix some light weights with cardio intervals and you’ve got yourself a butt kicker!

Day 3: AO Fit – Core & Balance

Something I love about AO is how creative and different their workouts are from anything I’ve tried around Austin. Their classes make me feel like an athlete and turn a casual workout into a training session! For this Core & Balance day, think American Ninja Warrior style. A lot of one-legged, bosu ball, eye’s closed, off-balanced exercises. Crazy and yes, I would go back and do it 10 more times.

Day 4: AO Speed

Just like Peanut Butter is to Jelly or Oreo cookies to milk, Strength is to Speed! It’s the perfect combination to build those muscles then burn fat and build up your heart strength! The name of the game for this speed focused class is cardio, cardio, cardio! They include interval training to make the most out of this shortened 45-minute workout and get you sweaty!

Day 5: AO Fit – Speed

What better way to end the week then with the classic format and adding in some killer cardio? I can’t think of one thing. Although this is the second AO Fit – Speed class of the week, the workout was a totally different formatting. Same thought process with more fun and sweat inducing exercises!

By the end of the week my body was TOAST and I freaking LOVED IT! It’s truly difficult for me to feel sore after a workout, and I have to tell y’all, these workouts never cease to do just that. By combining these different formats and working on other aspects of a workout (like pure core and balance), my body is constantly guessing and adjusting to the new movements.

All in all, I want to point out that you don’t need to fit in X amount of AO Fit classes or Strength classes. You could go to AO Fit everyday, AO Strength everyday, AO Speed everyday, etc. and get a beautifully different workout each time. Depending on your goals and what your focus is for the week, that determines your routine.

If you have questions, feel free to DM me on Instagram @spinsyddy or email me! I’m here for y’all.

Each Sunday, Athletic Outcomes posts to their Instagram feed what the focus for AO Fit classes are going to look like. Make sure to follow them @athleticoutcomes to keep up!

A Week of Workouts with Athletic Outcomes