Traveling is something I absolutely love to do, but unfortunately it lends itself to unhealthy habits and staying out way past your bedtime, ordering room service, and missing the next mornings workout… not speaking from experience or anything. This trip, the sis and I traveled up to Dallas, TX where we figured out just What to Do in Dallas for the Ultimate Wellness Weekend!

Growing up, my family didn’t travel to Dallas much and in turn, never got to explore the city as a kid. Now being an adult in my early 20’s, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to experience “The Big D” with one of my favorite people on the planet, my sister! Shayda is a healthy lifestyle blogger for her account @withshayda on IG in Austin (formerly just food, but living with me has rubbed off on her) and we travel quite often together. Being that Dallas is just a hop, skip, and a 3 hour car drive away from Austin, it only felt fitting to make our way up there with a different focus in mind – WELLNESS!

There is so much to do in Dallas that it can be overwhelming to choose from like where to stay, what to eat, and of course where to workout. Not only that, but personally, I like to mold my vacations around a workout schedule or healthy restaurant. It makes me feel like there’s some sort of routine in my life and a little piece of home.

Here’s my top picks for what to do in Dallas for the ultimate wellness weekend!


One of my favorite hotels to stay at no matter what city I’m in is The Westin. They put health and wellness on the forefront so whether you’re someone who likes to do hotel workouts, run, or order room service, you’ll be in good company!

It’s always refreshing to stay at a hotel who honestly just gets it. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about routine and when I can carry out some form of it when traveling, everyone wins!

Here are some highlights of my stay at The Westin in Downtown Dallas that really stood out to me:

  1. Healthy Room Service Options
  2. Run Concierge
  3. New Balance Rental (Only $5 to rent a pair of shoes, socks, and outfit head-to-toe!)
  4. Full Gym
  5. Indoor Pool
  6. Walking Distance to restaurants, the Eye, and local studio favorites!

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There are so many places to eat in Dallas, but it can be difficult to narrow down the healthiest stops. While traveling, it’s important to stick to as close as your regular routine as possible but obviously you’re on vacation so why wouldn’t you indulge a little?

Here are some of my favorite places I visited during the trip that were not only a healthy option but were super filling and absolutely delicious!

  1. HG Supply Co.
  2. Brewed + Pressed
  3. Crush Craft
  4. SERVE.
  5. Botolino Gelato (DF Options)
  6. Malibu Poké
  7. MudHen

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Something that really resonated with me while in Dallas was how upbeat and on trend the workout scene was! There were so many boutique studio options to choose from including yoga, boot camp, and spin! Through the great world of Social Media, I’ve met some pretty cool people including my Dallas friends Mai Lyn (@deepfriedfit) and Paige (@paigeforrest) who both are so in tune with everything health and fitness in Dallas!

Shayda and I got to attend a few classes with the girls and of course grab brunch afterwards because why not?

A few of my favorite Workout Studios in Dallas:

  1. Class Studios
  2. Beyond500
  3. Social Mechanics
  4. Barry’s Bootcamp
  5. SoulCycle
  6. Stretch Zone

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If you’re taking a trip up to San Francisco, check out my other blog post that features my favorite workouts and restaurants in the city!

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