What: Aerie Real Tour

Where: Austin, TX

Why? The “Real” in AerieReal stands for every woman. Aerie decided to throw your typical stereotypes of models out the window and use women who are comfortable and powerful in the skin they are in. Often times we look to magazines, ad campaigns, and celebrities for inspiration and admiration. Being in the fitness industry, it can be challenging to not compare yourself to others or nit-pick at every little part of your body. The campaign is all about the celebration of YOU and being comfortable in your own skin, because everyone is beautiful and unique.

Keeping it REAL: As we entered through the doors of Wanderlust, we were greeted by the Aerie staff, free swag, and Iskra (the model of #AerieReal). The first yoga class kicked off and was a guided flow which ended in 10 minutes of mindful meditation.

*Holy acai bowl was I feeling super zen after that class*

We then hopped on over to their pop-up shop where Aerie was featuring their new line of workout clothes and fueled up with Blenders and Bowls smoothies and mini bowls. Yum! They also had

The music was bumpin’, people were smiling, and some great pictures were taken because of it! I left with a whole new outlook on the meaning of “real” because we often are quick to judge our bodies on all the negative and rarely do we give ourselves a compliment.

So I challenge you, that for every negative thought that runs through your brain when you look in the mirror or flip through magazines, is to instead counteract that with 2 positive compliments. Once you start doing it, I promise you’ll look at the world in a different way and hopefully spread the joy to others around you!

Ending on a REAL note, this was one of the best events I’ve been to in Austin not only because of the free swag, but the atmosphere and self-love it gave you was unmatched by anything I’ve attended. If you missed it this year, try to make the next function Aerie holds because I’m telling you it was LIT!