Camp Gladiator Austin spinsyddyHello fellow fit fam! This past Saturday, Camp Gladiator hosted a free workout at the Long Center called the Big Mega Workout!  The name kind of says it all in the fact that it was a workout you know you would most definitely be feeling tomorrow.  Jordan, who is the head trainer for CG Auditorium Shores (aka the Long Center), guided us through a warmup followed by different drills and exercises as well as short and long(er) distance runs.

Auditorium Shores

We started off with the warmup, which consisted of squat holds, active stretches, pushups, shoulder taps, and partner exercises!  CG really likes the partner exercises, which I think is fantastic!  It’s a great way to meet some cool and interesting people, and in general more fun!  Even though this was called the “Warmup”, we still did a few burpees… I know you might be thinking, “Oh God, Burpees?! I’m never going.”  But lets face it, burpees are here to stay.  They are a great exercise that everyone and their mother despises but they put out results!  It’s a total body workout and a great way to test your fitness level.  Not to say we did straight burpees for an hour, but they were incorporated into the workout.

Then came the main chunk of the workout.  Which involved some running, burpees, shoulder taps, and mountain climbers.  The exercises were done in a ladder form, meaning we did 30 mountain climbers, 20 pushups, 10 burpees, and then ran about a quarter mile.  We completed this a total of 2 rounds.  For me, the hardest part was definitely the cardiovascular conditioning. Even though my muscles didn’t feel that fatigued, my heart and lungs were telling me otherwise.  The workout will work every part of your body and be a nice awakening of how out of shape you may be.  But thats not to discourage y’all, it’s to motivate y’all to get out there and try it out!  Just because something is hard or different, doesn’t mean you should give up before it even starts.

Camp Gladiator Audishores

The last part of the workout, we did one last round that consisted of yes, burpees, and a sprint run.  I am going to warn you, it sounds just as hard as it was.  But you didn’t have to compete all of it and obviously take things at your own pace!  So, with that being said, we started with 10 burpees with a pushup and tuck-jump followed by a sprint run.  Then we took a breather, and went down to 8 same style burpees and run.  Another breather, and then Jordan his us with a doozie.  We completed the last part of the workout by finishing the 6, 4, and 2 rounds of burpees with running between all at once with no break.  I was extremely light headed and could have hurled, but I didn’t (yay) and felt so accomplished afterwards!

I encourage everyone to go try out Camp Gladiator Arena, either at one of their free Bootcamps or an indoor class they hold at the main location off of 183.

It was an absolute blast to be able to workout with other people just as eager to push themselves as I was and also meet the amazing people of Austin, TX!  Although trainer Jordan was FANTASTIC, I don’t think CG or any workout studio for that matter would be anywhere without a supportive community.  And I mean that!  Everyone I met was so welcoming and encouraging. I love going to CG workouts because we always have fun and I’m always challenged.

Camp Gladiator –

Location: The Long Center-Auditorium Shores, Austin, TX


Tip: Come prepared!  Make sure to bring a mat, sweat towel, and big water bottle.  You do not want to get dehydrated because you would definitely be doing more damage than good.  Although it was a really tough workout, you push yourself to your limits and no one else.  Take a break if you need a break, no one is judging you.