Back at one of my favorite studios in Austin, Move Austin Fitness was in “Transition Week” of their 3 cycle training program.  Although the transition week usually consists of  more recovery type movements… the holiday’s are upon us, and that means more traveling, more eating, and less moving.



Move Austin Fitness


They break every workout into 4 sections that consist of a warmup, phase 1 circuit, phase 2 circuit, and a cool down.  Each is designed specifically to get your body moving and to utilize your muscles properly.  By incorporating a proper warmup and cool down, you’re able to work your body to it’s full capacity without injury.  Each of the two circuits in the middle differs based on the program cycle you’re in, but all relate in that the moves are technique first and intensity second.


Move Fitness spinsyddy


The entire crew at Move Fitness are always fun and welcoming.  It never ceases to amaze me at how genuinely nice they are.  With happy coaches comes happy clients, and that shows in how other people in the class treat you as well.  They too are very welcoming and a fun group of people to be around and sweat with.

Sydney Torabi

Where: Move Austin Fitness2414 Exposition Blvd #110, Austin, TX 78703

What: Transition week of their specialized 3 cycle training program

What to Wear: any workout gear you got 🙂

What to Bring: Water bottle, sweat towel (optional)

Booked through: StudioHop

Instructor: Jake

Move Austin Fitness – moveaustinfitness.comMove Austin Fitness
Location: 2414 Exposition Blvd #110, Austin, TX 78703
Cost: Price not listed on website, call or email to find out more info!

About: 3 training cycles that use intentional programming to maximize results and minimize injury.

Tip: make sure to mention when you walk in that you used either StudioHop or ClassPass to sign up for the class! (if you are a member don’t worry about it, just check in)

Move Austin Fitness Transition Week