Where: Defranco’s Gym at Onnit Academy located in the East Austin area

Type of Workout: Strength, Mobility, Conditioning ( the focus is different every time!)

What to Wear:
Girls – tight crops, leggings, Nike shorts, tank or T-shirt
Guys – T-shirt, workout shorts

What to Bring: Water bottle, sweat towel

Instructor: Cristian Plascencia

Defranco's Gym Onnit Academy Austin

For starters, Onnit Academy is one of the coolest gyms I’ve ever been in.  Being a former collegiate athlete for swimming at The University of Texas @ Austin, I had access to some of the best weight rooms and trainers in the country.  The gym is HUGE and has so many different types of equipment including free-form weighs, barbels, sandbags, squat racks, steel mace, steel clubs, etc.  Pretty much anything you could think of and beyond, you can find at Onnit Academy!

Onnit Academy Austin

I took the Fundamentals Class that they offer, which is the primary class that includes the use of their unconventional equipment that is incorporated into every Onnit Academy curriculum.  Personally, I have never even seen a steel club or mace until I saw some videos they posted to their Instagram page.  I just had to try it out for myself and see what Onnit was all about!

As for their credibility… I’m about to name drop a few folks.  Some of the professional athletes who workout with Onnit Academy include Andrew Craig (UFC), TJ Dillashaw (UFC), Tim Kennedy (UFC), Brian Cushing (NFL), Andrew Sendejo (NFL), The Undertaker (WWE), Lauren Sesselmann (Soccer and Olympian), Megan Romano (Swimmer), and so many more.  This place is the real deal and takes pride in the work they do!

Onnit Academy

The purpose of using the steel mace is to offset your body, which in turn helps you to activate your core and gain more mobility in your joints and muscles.  Done properly, you can target those tiny little muscles you didn’t even think you had just by using a weight that is off-center.

Our bodies are so used to standard weight lifting, such as bicep curls, that we never really think about utilizing our core.  Why not kill two birds with one stone and get a great arm workout in while also working the stabilizer muscles located in our core?

Onnit Acadmey Austin TX

I will always be an athlete at heart and this place made me feel right at home.  The trainers are all extremely passionate about the Onnit program and it shows in their training.  There aren’t many gyms in the area that equate to this caliber and there aren’t any (that I know of) that focus on using the steel mace and steel clubs.

Onnit Academy – onnit.com/academy/
Defranco’s Gym Onnit Academy Austin – onnitacademygym.com/defranco/
4401 Freidrich Ln #301, Austin, TX 78744Cost: They offer many different packages so it’s best to email one of their staff members to find the one best suited for you! JOIN NOW, ClassPass and StudioHop Accepted!

About: Onnit Academy offers an abundance of classes that focus on conditioning, mobility, strength & power, and agility.  Each class focuses on different aspects every class so you never feel like you’re repeating a workout over and over again!

Tip: If it’s your first time, I recommend taking the Fundamentals class with either Cristian or Esik!  They will be able to keep a close eye on you to correct form as well as be there to answer any questions you have.  The fundamentals class is suited for all levels, whether it’s your first time or a regular at the gym, because they tailor to everyone’s different fitness levels and techniques.

Defranco’s Gym will be offering a 50% off student discount!  It applies to any of their memberships that are Silver level and up.  This includes unlimited classes, unlimited outdoor boot camps, unlimited Black Swan Yoga, 2 small group personal training sessions, 2 free shakes per month, discounts on supplements and cryotherapy, open gym access, and SO MUCH MORE!