Restore Cryotherapy AustinRestore Cryotherapy is relatively new.  Their location is on William Cannon Dr. and they have just one cryotherapy machine, but are getting another within the next few months.  Even though they only have one machine, they see about 50 people a day ranging from professional athletes to those with joint pains, or post operative recovery.

As a competitive athlete for most of my life, there were always ways to recover my muscles to get prepped for the next 5:30am workout.  The usual methods included things like protein drinks, stretching and icing sore muscles (isolated or submerged in an ice bath).  An ice bath was one of the main forms of recovery, especially in my college career.  You submerge your body from the waist down in a tub full of ice cold water for about 15 minutes.  The point of this is to completely cool down your muscles so when you step out, your body starts to warm back up and the blood rushes to that area of your body, which  in turn speeds up the recovery time of those sore muscles.


So why am I explaining an ice bath to you?  Because it applies to Cryotherapy, which is another form of muscle and joint recovery.  Cryotherapy uses liquid nitrogen to cool your entire body from the neck down and recover those tired, aching muscles.  You step into this chamber that encloses most of your body, except for the opening at the top, and it’s filled with liquid nitrogen.  The whole treatment is only 3 minutes long and during that time, the surface temperature of your skin drops about 20-30 degrees F.  This sudden drop in temperature triggers your skins cold receptors that send it into “survival mode.”  Sounds scary, I know, but the treatment is completely safe.  The reason for this sudden drop in temperature is that your body releases endorphins and there is rapid circulation of oxygen-rich blood throughout the body.

Not only is this method quicker than an ice bath, it also has additional benefits besides just muscle recovery.  Each 3 minute session burns anywhere from 500-800 calories over an 8 hour time period because of the rapid change in temperature and your bodies response to it.  It also has beauty benefits, like reduced cellulite and wrinkles, and an overall healthier complexion. Some of the other health benefits are reduced joint pain and prevention of osteoporosis.  Finally, there are, of course, sports and fitness benefits that include enhanced energy, faster recovery, reduced inflammation, and improved muscle function.  There are so many additional benefits that it adds. If you have any questions about the treatment or requirements prior to going, you can either read the FAQ on their website or just give them a call!  I called many times before my treatment and each time they were so kind at answering my questions and very informative.

Now the actual treatment itself was really interesting to say the least.  I absolutely HATE the cold, which is one of the many reasons that I live in Texas.  I was never one to enjoy an ice bath so I was really nervous going into this much colder nitrogen filled chamber.  When you step in, you are wearing hand mittens, slippers and socks. Thats about it.  So yes, you are a bit naked but don’t even worry about it, because no one sees your goods and they make you feel as comfortable as possible.  Oh man was that chamber COLD!  It was pretty cold, I’m not going to lie, but I did stick it out for the whole 3 minutes, so I was proud of myself for that. The feeling of the cold nitrogen on my skin was pretty intense too.  It didn’t hurt or anything but it was definitely a shock to my body, but it was over in a flash and my muscles actually did feel a lot lighter and less sore than going in.

Personally, I think that one session wouldn’t cut it if you are looking for really dramatic results, but on a regular basis of going at least 2 or 3 times a week, I can see how someone could see a difference in their joint and muscle pain.  Overall it was a really fun experience, I took one of by best friends, which made it for an even more enjoyable experience so we could laugh together through the frigid cold.

Restore Cryotherapy –

South: 4301 W William Cannon Dr #B-146, Austin, TX 78749 (512)614-2151

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Groupon Special: $30 whole body session (Reg $55)


ABOUT: Add a powerful tool to your wellness and health routine with Restore Cryotherapy. Their team of experts uses some of the most cutting-edge technology in the health industry to help you function and feel your best.  Speeds up your body’s natural healing process, increasing recovery and performance.

TIP: Can be used to ease and treat pain and soreness caused by inflammation